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Welcome to Milk Glass Home!

This blog takes you behind the scenes in my suburban homestead. Here, I share tips to help anyone, anywhere, live a more self-sufficient lifestyle. You’ll find lots of tips, recipes, and projects to help you slow down and live with the seasons.

I love sharing food preservation recipes, desserts, tasty side dishes, and delicious home-cooked meals to help you nourish your family!

Slow down and live within your means with my slow living tips and DIY projects. They’ll help you live in alignment with the seasons and get hands-on at the same time.

If you’ve been craving a slower, more self-sufficient lifestyle, you’re in the right place!

Hi, I’m Rachael!

I’m a passionate home cook and avid gardener from western Washington who loves to help people reclaim old-fashioned skills, like cooking from scratch, preserving the harvest, and living with the seasons.

Seasonal Slow Food Recipes

As a passionate home cook, I love to share seasonal recipes to help you explore your own creativity in the kitchen! The best part is that you don’t need a ton of space to bake the best apple crisp or even start canning!

I’m especially passionate about using homegrown or seasonal ingredients and preserving food. These are a great way to look at your ingredients differently and preserve fresh flavors for later!

dill salt with fresh dill and a wooden spoon on a blue and white towel.
Spring Recipes

Savor the tender greens and delicate flavors of spring with these seasonal recipes.

jar of pickled cherries with fresh cherries and cinnamon.
Summer Recipes

Fill your plates with the brightest and freshest flavors of summer.

sourdough pumpkin muffin recipe on a wooden surface.
Fall Recipes

Enjoy summer’s bounty with heirloom tomatoes, peppers, squash and more.

cranberry apple crisp with rolled oats with ice cream
Winter Recipes

Cozy up with the hearty squashes, roots, and greens of winter.

Intentional Self-Sufficient Living

Suburban Homesteading

Learn how to live a slower, more self-sufficient life with these DIY recipes, gardening projects, and more!

Spring Recipes

Ready for some signs of spring? Break out the spring greens, herbs, edible flowers, and more in this collection of delicious spring recipes.

Infusing Projects

Add extra flavor to your next batch of simple syrup, vodka, sugar, and more with these infusing projects!

Food Preservation

Preserve the harvest to enjoy all year long with these recipes! Learn how to freeze, dehydrate, can, and infuse everything from the garden and beyond.

Summer Recipes

Make the most of the harvest with these summer recipes! Find great food preservation projects, baked goods, simple meals, and more.

Make your own custom recipe binder!

Preserve your family’s most cherished recipes for posterity with this printable, editable recipe binder! There are customizable category pages, binder covers, labels, and two recipe card templates, all set in a timeless, rustic style.

It would make a wonderful gift to share with your family!

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Ready to simplify and slow down? These posts about slow living and simple living are will help you do that in no time!

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