diy poo pourri spray

Green Living: DIY Toilet Spray (Costs less than $1 and takes 2 minutes!)

When I first heard of toilet sprays like Poo Pourri, I thought they were silly! Now I have a bottle in every bottle. Learn how to make DIY toilet spray like Poo Pourri at home in just a couple minutes!

Why and Where to Score Cheap Used Furniture That Lasts

My husband and I just bought our first house in January, and like many newlyweds, we're living with hand-me-downs and on a used furniture budget! We wanted to find where to buy cheap used furniture near us that would last a long time and had some great places to share!

apple crisp

My Husband’s Special Wedding Day Apple Crisp Recipe

My husband and I got married August 10th, 2019. Since we both love to cook, we decided to cater our own wedding, including desserts! We'd made apple crisp for special occasions before and decided to make this local special crisp for our wedding.

water kefir grains

What is Water Kefir?

Water kefir is a cultured, probiotic beverage. It starts from what we call "grains," which look like this. These grains are actually a natural mix of yeast and bacteria. When water kefir grains are placed in sugar water, they eat the sugar and release gas into the water, making it fizzy! They also give off