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Zero waste is the journey, not the destination.

When people hear “zero waste,” they get uncomfortable. They think it’s going to be a super rigid tightrope walk with only people who produce one jar of trash per year.

Yes, it can be that but honestly, most of the zero waste community is just ordinary people trying to make small shifts to stop filling landfills.

Zero waste in particular is about avoiding products that cannot be recycled effectively, like plastics, and reducing packaging when at all possible.

I’m so stinkin’ glad you’re here.

My name is Rachael, and my passion is to help beginners take baby steps to live more sustainable lives. I’m on a mission to live a zero-waste life!

Going green doesn’t have to be hard at all. In fact, it’s often pretty frugal and your grandparents would probably just call it being “resourceful.”

Take the stress & tension out of going green by following my real, tested tips!

I consider myself low waste.

Yes, I try to only buy products in compostable or sustainable packaging, but I’m also a realist. Plus, I live on a budget! I cannot afford to spend 3 times as much for “zero waste” products when there are perfectly acceptable middle-ground options.

Or, if I need to buy something more expensive that will last a long, long time, I want to offset that cost by saving money elsewhere.

What does a low waste life look like?

It’s different for everyone. Your version of low waste looks different depending on your budget, where you live, and your lifestyle!

Here’s a glimpse at what we do.

  • I make my own toilet bowl cleaner and use a cleaning paste to polish anything that needs a good scrub, like my glass stovetop or shower doors.
  • My husband and I love to cook from scratch and we try to eat only grass-fed, pastured raised meats and organic, local produce. We grow our own food, too.

Sustainable living for beginners

Learn how to transition to a realistic zero or low-waste lifestyle! It’s easier than you’d think and my guides walk you through every step of the process!

How to Start Your Sustainable Lifestyle

Baby steps are the best steps! My passion is helping beginners jumpstart their sustainable lifestyles. All of my content is geared towards helping you understand the why and find the easiest, most affordable entry points.

My FREE Roadmap to Sustainable Living is the best starting point for beginners. I’ll help you focus in on the steps that matter so you don’t get overwhelmed. Let’s make sustainable living easy!


You’ll get access to my free resource library, which includes:

  • My 30 Day Sustainability Challenge calendar to push yourself out of your comfort zone & embrace a sustainable lifestyle
  • My ebook The Well-Stocked Pantry teaches you how to set up a real food kitchen (including my SUPER popular pantry staples list!)
  • Printable labels, workbooks, and printables that go along with my blog posts!

Looking for a little bit more support? My 5 Days to Green email course will teach you the basic tenets of sustainable living in less than a week! It’s a great companion to the challenge calendar!

Read my zero waste guides & posts about sustainable living!

Find sustainable products that actually work!

Yes, sometimes we need to find new brands to support & products if we want to live a sustainable lifestyle. This can feel so overwhelming at first! Like, why are there so many options for zero waste dishwashing soap?! Find exactly what you’re looking for in my shopping guide below.

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