Slow Living

Slow living is the cure for the modern world. Let’s slow down and reclaim a natural relationship with the world around us.

Since it’s not enough to declutter and live a minimalist lifestyle, I like to add both simple and seasonal living to live a well-rounded, natural life.

Slow Living

Slow living is more about slowing down to soak up the life around us. It’s an intentional lifestyle that prioritizes rest and following the natural rhythm of the world.

Simple Living

In this lifestyle, we’re naturally minimalists. We focus on having just what we need and reducing excess clutter and commitments from our lives.

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Living with the Seasons

Back in the day, everyone lived with the seasons. They changed what they wore, what they ate, and how they lived their lives depending on the weather, harvest, and amount of daylight.

Especially in our overprocessed and highly commercialized world, adapting your lifestyle to the seasons feels so relaxing and grounding.

It’s also beneficial for your mental health and can transform your entire worldview.

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