If you want to start cooking from scratch and preserving the harvest, you need a well-equipped kitchen with the proper tools and containers. That being said, it’s easy to overdo it!

Below, I’m sharing my favorite products and brands so you can skip the search and find items that will work for you. But I also recommend starting with less.

My Shopping Guidelines

  • Focus on tools that can be used in many different ways instead of investing in unitaskers that will clog your kitchen space.
  • When possible, try to spend a little extra on higher-quality products made to last. You’ll spend less in the long run and produce less waste, as well!
  • Although I appreciate any purchases made through these links, I actually prefer when you source everything you need secondhand. Check your local thrift store for a water bath canner or scour Facebook Marketplace for canning jars.

If there’s something you can’t find locally or that you need to purchase new, then I’ve got your back with the recommendations below. Happy Cooking!

My Favorite Brands

These are some of the brands I personally support and my affiliate links or product reviews to help you learn more.

Note: These may change at any time as I learn more about each individual company and its practices.

jars of dried beans and spices from azure standard review.

Azure Standard

I’ve been relying on Azure Standard for years. They are extremely particular about the quality of the products they sell and the brands they support, and I order from them at least a few times per year to get bulk quantities of dried beans, coconut oil, oats, flour, and more.

They also avoid fragrance in their cleaning supplies and soaps, which is why they’re our go-to for those products as well!

wildgrain box review


Personally, I prefer to bake my own breads, scones, muffins, and more, but I understand that life is complicated. If you can’t bake your own or want to give a thoughtful gift, take a look at WildGrain.

They source their sourdough breads, pastries, and more from actual artisan bakeries, and each one is shipped frozen to your house. The quality is top-notch, and it’s nice to have a few loaves in the freezer for whenever!

(P.S. You can get free croissants for life when you shop through my link!)

Burlap & Barrel Spices

I have to be careful when I talk about this brand because I can rave for hours and hours. They are truly walking the walk. They source their spices from small family farms, where they are raised, harvested, and processed in traditional ways. B&B is also great about paying their farmers fairly, so you get fantastic quality ingredients and can trust that the farmers are being compensated properly.

The quality is exceptional, and we love keeping them on hand!

More Products I Love

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