Campo Grande Review: Don’t Order Before You Read This!

What exactly is Campo Grande, and is it worth it? Learn everything you need to know in this Campo Grande review!

charcuterie board with campo grande chorizo and coppa for a campo grande review.

We received a free box of pork from Campo Grande in exchange for this review. This review includes our honest opinions regardless of this scenario.

If you’re new here, you might not know that I’m very picky about the quality of the proteins we eat. We try to only eat pastured poultry or grass-fed beef, ideally from regenerative farmers in our local areas. We don’t mind paying extra or going out of our way for quality (although sometimes our budget gets in the way)!

That’s why we entertained the idea of trying Campo Grande in the first place. Although we always recommend shopping as close to home as possible, we said yes to receiving a box of fancy iberico pork. Why? Well, this isn’t exactly the type of pork you’ll find in the States, and you’ll quickly understand what makes Iberico pork (and Campo Grande) so special.

assortment of frozen campo grande meats for campo grande review.

What is Campo Grande?

Campo Grande is a meat delivery service that ships the highest quality Spanish Iberico pork from small, sustainably-run family farms in Spain directly to your door. This is truly the highest quality pork you can buy and Campo Grande describes it as being “the Wagyu of Pork.”

The Iberico pig is fed an acorn diet and lives its life on small farms, running and grazing through the acorn forests of southern Spain. This fat marbles their meat and adds a unique, nutty flavor you won’t find in any other pork. The meats look and feel more like beef than pork, thanks to the exquisite marbling. 

thawed iberico pork from campo grande to show marbling.
Look at the beautiful fat and marbling in this secret cut!

Iberico pork is actually a protected food! You can’t just slap that label on any package of meat. It has to be the right breed of pigs, fed the right type of diet, and raised in the right part of Spain.

Campo Grande does an amazing job selecting rare cuts, like the Iberico Secreto cut (pictured above), which shows off what makes this type of meat so special and rare.

Campo Grande has recently started adding other types of regional Spanish meats, like vaca vieja beef, the Spanish fix box, and even a blend of Wagyu beef and ground Iberico pork as well. I imagine they’ll keep expanding their product line as they grow. Perfect for foodies who love trying unique products!

Try this exceptional Spanish pork yourself!

Order now to save $20 and receive $50 of free bonuses!

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Why you’ll love Campo Grande

  • UNBELIEVABLE FLAVOR:  My husband and I were shocked at the textures and flavors in this pork. Everyone should try this pork at least once in their life!
  • AUTHENTIC IBERICO PORK: This is the real deal. Campo Grande ships only high quality free-range Ibérico pork – nothing else.
  • SHIPPED TO YOUR DOOR: The only way to get this pork is either imported from a company like Campo Grande or on a trip to Spain. This box is way cheaper than a plane ticket and will be delivered straight to your front door!
  • SUSTAINABLY RAISED: We almost never eat imported meat, but this specialty pork is so unique and sustainably raised that we will gladly enjoy it on special occasions. We love that the pork is raised on small family farms using traditional methods.
iberico rib rack from campo grande.

Campo Grande Review: What We Tried

We felt pretty blessed to receive two packages from Campo Grande: one with a sample of their Iberico pork and a charcuterie sampler bundle. I’ll explain what we thought of each one and how we used them to help you understand is Campo Grande is right for you.

We received the Ibérico Pork Box, which included 4 popular cuts:

  • Secreto cut
  • Presa cut
  • Pork loin roast
  • Porkbelly

We also received a mini Charcuterie Sampler with:

  • 2 packs of chorizo
  • 1 pack Coppa

I’ll share our thoughts about each of these bundles below to help you find the meat selection that works best for you. 

Which Campo Grande box is best for you?

How does Campo Grande work?

At this point, most of us know how meat delivery boxes work! Campo Grande allows you to either order a curated box, like their Ultimate Ibérico Box, or make your own custom box using their a la carte options. Then, your order will be shipped directly to your door in a carefully packed cardboard box including dry ice to keep everything perfectly frozen.

The charcuterie is shipped in a cardboard mailer instead of a box as the packages are thinner and are stored at room temperature.

trio of charcuterie with iberico pork from campo grande.
I can taste the chorizo just looking at this! It’s so flavorful.

Campo Grande Charcuterie Review

We first started by trying the charcuterie because we could just open it and go.

I’m honestly not a big fan of most salami or sausage because it’s way too salty and gives me indigestion. That’s my nice way of saying I had low expectations.


We opened the chorizo first and could smell the authentic smoked paprika seasoning. Immediately, we noticed that this salami had a delicate yet rich flavor. The meat literally melted in my mouth, and the chorizo flavor felt like the real deal, not the fake overly salty chorizo you’re probably used to.

It tastes amazing served over a fresh omelette, but we ate ours on some crust french bread. Absolutely heaven!


The Coppa sausage had a fattier texture and mellow flavor. We served these rolled into cones with our 4th of July charcuterie board, and they were fantastic with this lemon dill hummus, cherries, fresh bread, olives, and sliced cheese.

campo grande coppa salami rolled on a tray.
Look at the marbling on this gorgeous coppa!

Campo Grande Iberico Pork Review

The most exciting (and intimidating) part of this box were the cuts of pork in the sampler kit. These aren’t just regular pork chops or ground pork and even if they were, the quality of this pork is extremely high. My husband and I wanted to honor these cuts and use them in the simplest ways possible instead of hiding their flavors behind seasonings.

iberico secreto cut from campo grande review.

Secreto Cut

We’d literally never heard of this “secret” cut of pork, which is an actual Spanish delicacy. We couldn’t believe the texture or flavor. As the fall renders out of the pork, it creates a crispy shell on the outside of the meat.

See our Iberico Secreto recipe here!

I think about this dish at least every other day and wish I had a stash of it in the freezer!

Honestly, it’s worth getting this kit just to try this specific product. Sometimes I think about that crispy fat shell when I’m driving or taking a shower. I’ve never had pork like it before and it set the bar high for for this pork!

The only con for this cut is that it’s not huge. My husband and I gladly finished it before the two of us in one sitting. Since it is so fatty, I think you could easily split it between 3-4 people and just serve smaller amounts.

Presa Cut

This was the second cut we tried. Similar to the secret cut, the presa cut comes from the armpit of the Iberico pig, but it’s a much larger piece. You could easily split this between 4 people and everyone would have a good serving.

It was also incredibly easy to prepare. We went with a simple seasoning of kosher salt and black pepper and I seared one side in a hot cast iron skillet, flipped it over, then cooked it the rest of the way in a really hot oven (around 400 degrees F).

We served it with sauteed green beans from the garden and crispy smashed red potatoes. Such a treat!

iberico presa cut cooking in a cast iron skillet.

Pork Loin Roast

We’re still working on this cut! We can’t decide if we want to slowly braise it with herbs and spices or cook it fast with simple seasonings like the secreto and presa cuts. We’ll let you know what we decide!

Secreto Pork Belly

We definitely want to season the pork belly well and cook it until it’s crispy with a melt-in-your-mouth texture. We’ll adjust this post with our full review after we try it. This gingerbread-rubbed pork belly from Hank’s True BBQ sounds so fascinating!

How to Get the Best Deal on Campo Grande Pork

Okay, so you’re ready to commit and try this exceptional pork, but what’s the best option for you? If you’re trying to find the perfect balance between cost and value, I recommend you try the Iberico Pork Box for a few specific reasons.

First, we really enjoyed everything from this box and loved trying a variety of different products. It’s a fantastic place to start and one of the cheaper boxes they offer.

But, I also found that if you order through this link, they’ll load you up with bonuses and discounts they don’t offer on other pages on their site.

This link includes:

  • $20 discount
  • Charcuterie sampler ($10 value)
  • Ultimate Iberico cookbook ($20 value)
  • Campo Grande tote bag ($20)

That means you’ll get the same box we got for $20 less than normal and an additional $50 in bonuses!

Save $20 Now

Campo Grande Review: Pros & Cons


  • Support small family-owned farms
  • Traditional free-range Iberico pork
  • Slow food – nothing is rushed here and you can tell
  • Certified Humane Cooperative
  • High in heart-healthy monounsaturated fat
  • Authentic Iberico Pork (this is a protected, traditional food)
  • Lots of marbling similar to Wagyu
  • Incredible flavor and texture
  • Super simple preparations
  • Risk-free offer (they’ll refund you instantly if you aren’t happy)
  • Fantastic gift for a foodie, meat lover, or your grill-obsessed friend or relative


  • Not American raised (it’s not possible to grow this pork in the United States)
  • Pricey (this is definitely a luxury food)
  • Must be shipped frozen (plastic packaging and food miles)

Is Campo Grande worth it?

Campo Grande changed the way we thought about pork. If you’d asked me before if I liked pork, I’d say, “yes, it’s okay. I like it sometimes, especially for BBQ.” We also never ate pork chops or faster cooking cuts because we don’t like the texture.

There’s nothing quite like this, and that’s the point. 

Even though I almost never recommend purchasing imported proteins, this is truly the best pork. It’s slow food at its finest. You’ll never find these cuts in your local butcher shop, let alone your grocery store.

If you love trying new foods or are looking for a gift for someone who does, you should absolutely give it a shot! Even if it’s just a once-in-a-lifetime thing, you’ve just got to try this pork!

The thing that I keep coming back to is that Iberico pork is one of those foods that is so special and unique that it deserves protection. It’s like Parmaggiano Reggiano or Japanese Wagyu. There’s one real thing, and the rest is an imitation.

Campo Grande is like getting a taste of Spanish culture in a box. It’s honestly been so much fun to try every cut and learn more about it, and if we had this great of an experience, I’m sure you will too.

trio of campo grande meats on a marble table.

Try this exceptional Spanish pork yourself!

Order your sampler pack today to save $20 and receive $50 of free bonuses!

save $20 now

Have you had a chance to try Campo Grande yourself? Have any questions? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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