There aren’t many items that give me the same sense of home as milk glass. I remember seeing it in thrift stores and in the homes of my midwestern relatives growing up. As a kid, it just looked old and frilly. Now as an adult, I long to collect items like milk jars, antique canning jars, and stoneware crocks to connect me to the past. I want my home to feel like a place my grandma would love to live!

Plus, milk glass is more than just memories. Since most milk glass pieces are now antiques, it represents alternative ways of finding things for our homes.

We should use items connected to the earth – like glass, wood, and metal – and hunt them down in thrift stores and garage sales. We should never shy away from a little hard work as adding a little paint or stain can truly make an item yours.

I believe in DIY from the garden throughout the whole house! This approach helps me save money to pay off my student loans, start a family, and build my future farm and is a low-waste way to live. I’m so glad you’re here and hope we can find something in common!

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About Rachael

Rachael, the blogger behind Milk Glass, is an elementary school teacher. Before teaching, Rachael was a the manager of a robust local farmers market and amateur farmhand. She harvests on farms every summer between the school year.

She has kept a vegetable garden regularly for the past six years, and believes arugula is the best “feel good” plant to grow since it germinates so quickly.  Rachael loves to cook and especially enjoys hunting thrift stores for antique crocks and, you guessed it, milk glass! Rachael lives on the lush and green Kitsap Pensinsula with her husband and cat in their first home.