Printable Slow Living Challenge: 30 Days to a Slower Life

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Slow down a little bit every day with this easy, printable slow living challenge. These 30 small changes will make it so much easier to enjoy the present moment every day.

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When’s the last time you took a deep breath? Or felt genuinely calm and relaxed?

Many of us live such busy lives that it’s like we’re living on autopilot. Let’s switch to the slow lane in 2024. Let’s focus on celebrating those calm, quiet moments instead of being constantly on the go. 

That’s the whole goal of this challenge. Although it can feel a little funny to jumpstart a slower life, many of us are so stressed and overwhelmed that we need something to push us out of our comfort zone.

These 30 challenges are some of the best ways to slow down and stay more present. Start with one a day, or turn each one into a habit! It’s up to you.

What is a slow living challenge?

The slow living lifestyle is all about trying to stay connected to the present moment. It’s a mindful approach to life, usually feeling more connected to your emotions and mental health, strengthening your relationships, reconnecting with nature, and eliminating distractions.

This challenge invites you to add a new activity each day that supports these lifestyle changes. Some of them might feel a little uncomfortable as you break your addiction to your phone or social media while some may remind you of just how much you love reading or chatting with your friends.

The goal is to complete one activity each day, but you can use it in any way you like!

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Why you’ll love this 30-day slow living challenge

  • Push out of your comfort zone – It can be so hard to break bad habits or build new ones. This challenge is a great way to apply the slow living principles to a busy schedule. Most of them just require a few minutes of effort here or there! Who knows what will stick by the end?
  • Shift your routine – The great thing about these activities is that many are variations on what you already do. Turn off the lights and enjoy your dinner by candlelight. Drink your morning coffee slower than normal. Pick up your reading habit instead of watching TV.
  • Easy-to-use printable template – The printable challenge is perfect for adding to your refrigerator. Just check off each daily activity as you complete them!
printable slow living challenge 30 days.

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How to Slow Down in 30 Days

This printable challenge will encourage you to try different activities that will focus on the main principles of slow living, like reconnecting with your loved ones and staying focused on the present moment.

Before you begin…

There’s one thing to keep in mind before you start this challenge. This is not about adding more. It’s about bringing you back to yourself. The goal is to remove the excuses, stuff, stress, and distractions to stay focused on yourself and what matters.

If you don’t make room for this challenge, it’ll just make things harder. It’ll feel like you’re forcing yourself to do even more when you actually need less.

It’s helpful to figure out two things.

  1. Create a clear image of what you want. It can be an actual image, like a picture of you feeling relaxed or a word or feeling. Hold onto that idea and repeat it like a mantra.
  2. Remove something from your life. Hide your cell phone in a kitchen drawer to avoid checking your messages. Commit to which of these small tasks you want to complete in the morning, and make a promise to yourself to try one each day. 
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Stay or Become Present

Intentional living, including the slow movement, is all about being intentional with your time, energy, and awareness. Notice your attention. Are you able to focus on one thing at a time? Do you really feel present in the moment or are you flitting from one idea to the next?

Focus on eliminating distractions. Redefine your relationship with your phone. Consider setting some boundaries for social media. You can even install apps that block or limit access to your device.

When you can stop feeling your attention pulled from here to there, it’s much easier to be present with yourself (and work through challenging emotions).

(Many of us stay distracted for a reason. It can help to talk about this with the help of a therapist. The books Letting Go and The Untethered Mind have helped me with this.)

  1. Try a breathing exercise.
  2. Listen to a guided meditation.
  3. Savor something delicious.
  4. Take a candlelit shower.
  5. Wear something that makes you feel cozy.
  6. Give someone a long hug.
  7. Start a gratitude journal.
  8. Take a cold shower or dip your face in cold water.
  9. Clean the kitchen before bed.
  10. Listen to your favorite music.
  11. Read in bed.
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Reconnect with Nature

There’s a reason I focus on seasonal slow living. There are so many ways to learn from the natural world, especially when your incorporate it into your own life. This can look like bringing greenery indoors, displaying a bouquet of flowers, or spending time in the garden.

This can also look like cooking and nourishing yourself! Visit the farmers market, grab some great produce, and turn it into something delicious. But don’t rush. Take your time peeling the carrots or squeezing the lemons. Soak up the sights and smells. All of these will help you stay present, too.

  1. Spend 15 minutes outside in the morning.
  2. Eat a meal by candlelight.
  3. Pick out a new type of tea or coffee.
  4. Watch a sunrise or sunset.
  5. Take a candlelit shower.
  6. Make a big pot of soup.
  7. Visit the farmers market.
  8. Bake something delicious.
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Strengthen Relationships

When you have a really busy lifestyle, you’re usually so focused on the daily routine that you have to shove your personal relationships to the side. This happens to everyone, but it doesn’t have to. Make it a daily habit to be truly present with your family members. Write a handwritten note or text to share your favorite memories or check in. Carve out some time from your busy life to meet for coffee or go for a walk.

  1. Spend time with a friend.
  2. Text a friend you haven’t seen in a while.
  3. Give someone a long hug.
  4. Invite someone special over for dinner.
  5. Write a handwritten letter.
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Simplify & Eliminate Distractions

Part of living a simpler life is eliminating things that take you away from yourself. This includes a variety of things that can take you away from your family or distract you from what matters. Focus on reducing your material possessions. Declutter and reorganize your home a little at a time. 

The less stuff you have, the less of your free time you’ll spend cleaning and organizing. 

  1. Leave your phone out of the bedroom at night.
  2. Say no to something draining.
  3. Unplug the TV for a day.
  4. Open the windows & air out your house.
  5. Say yes to something that excites you.
  6. Pick out a new book.
  7. Pick up a new hobby or revisit an old one.
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printable slow living challenge 30 days.

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