What to Do with Dried Lavender: 45 Fun Dried Lavender Uses

If you have too much dried lavender on hand, it’s time to get creative! There are so many wonderful ways to use dried lavender, from aromatherapy and skincare products to delicious drinks and treats. Learn exactly what to do with dried lavender here!

drying lavender on a shelf.

I’m a big fan of lavender, which you can probably tell if you’ve spent any time on my site. There are many lavender recipes on the blog, including liqueur, lavender-infused honey, lavender muffins, and more.

I’ve basically committed to highlighting all the wonderful projects you can make with this dried flower…It’s just one of my favorite ingredients, and I’m always surprised to see how well it works in a variety of recipes!

It’s so much fun to find new (or old) ways to use up those dried lavender flowers, and you’ll be amazed at the broad range of options out there! Which one do you want to try first?

What do you do with dried lavender?

There are so many uses for dried lavender that it can be a little overwhelming. You can decorate with it, eat it, turn it into skincare products, and so much more. In general, the edible projects start by infusing the dried lavender buds in water, alcohol, or some other sort of liquid to extract the lavender oils. That liquid is then used to add the lavender flavor to your bakes, teas, and so much more.

small bunch of fresh lavender for drying.

Why you’ll love these dried lavender uses

  • Preserve your lavender harvest – If you grow your own lavender, you probably have way too much of it on hand! You may have tried some of these methods below, but I’m sure you’ll find a fun new technique or project to try!
  • Get creative – Some of the best recipes come from having too much of something on hand. These projects will help you get creative and use lavender in new and unusual ways.
  • Make handmade gifts – Lavender makes such a great gift on its own, and these lavender recipes and projects will be cherished by your loved ones!

What to Do with Dried Lavender: 45 Creative Uses

As someone who loves the scent of lavender, I have discovered many ways to use dried lavender. Here are some of my favorite ways to use this versatile herb.

yarrow and lavender growing together.

Decorative Lavender Uses

Dried lavender is not only useful in the kitchen and for skincare, but it can also be used decoratively. Here are some of my favorite ways to use dried lavender around the home.

Dried Bunches

This is the easiest way to preserve your lavender for later! You’ll often find little bunches of lavender drying around my house. I like to display them in wall baskets, hanging over the corner of a kitchen cupboard, or in vases. There is dried lavender everywhere…and that’s just the way I like it!

Display your dried lavender in these beautiful air dried clay cones!

Photo Credit: Celebrated Nest

No Sew Sachets

Fill small muslin sachet bags with dried lavender and place them in your drawers or closet for a fragrant and natural air freshener. It’s so nice to open your drawers and smell lavender! These no sew lavender bags make such a wonderful gift, too.

Lavender Wreath

Use dried stems to create a beautiful and fragrant wreath for your front door or as a decorative piece in your home. Here’s a handy tutorial to guide you step by step.

Photo Credit: Sustain My Craft Habit

Reverse Canvas

Instead of tucking your dried lavender bunches behind glass, put them on full display with this fun DIY tutorial.

Homemade Potpourri

Mix dried lavender with other fragrant herbs, flowers, and essentials for a beautiful homemade potpourri! 

Photo Credit: Wholehearted Eats

Lavender Wand

You just need some fresh lavender flowers and some ribbon to make the most beautiful lavender wands! As they dry, they’ll add a lavender scent to your living spaces without having to worry about little buds all over the floor. 

Soothing Herb Pillow

Imagine how well you’ll rest at night with a pillow filled with soothing lavender buds! This is a great project from Learning & Yearning.

Photo Credit: On Your Journey

Homemade Candles

These DIY lavender candles will add the soothing scent of lavender essential oil to any room.

Photo Credit: Sustain My Craft Habit

DIY Resin Pendants

Turn your lavender harvest into a work of wearable art with these DIY resin pendants. Aren’t they so pretty?

Edible Lavender Recipes

Lavender doesn’t always have the best reputation when it comes to culinary creations. People assume it always tastes like soap, and it doesn’t! You just need to know how to use the lavender delicately to get the perfect balance of flavor. 

bottle of homemade lavender simple syrup recipe.

Simple Syrup

To make your own lavender simple syrup, start by infusing lavender buds in a mixture of water and sugar for a delicate sweetener for lavender lemonade, sodas, coffee drinks, and more.

lavender infused organic honey.

Infused Honey

Infuse dried lavender with honey for a sweet and floral spread. Great for drizzling over toast, scones, and more.

Honey-Sweetened Syrup

This delicate syrup infuses dried lavender with honey for an extra floral flavor for your beverages and treats. (Coming soon!)

Shortbread Cookies

Add a tablespoon of dried lavender to your favorite shortbread cookie recipe for a delicate and delicious flavor.

jar of homemade lavender sugar with dried lavender.

Infused Sugar

This is one of my favorite kitchen projects and one of the easiest ways to preserve fresh or dried lavender, too! It adds such a lovely flavor to cookies, tea, scones, and more. I make a big batch of lavender sugar at least once per year! Great for gifts, too.

bottle of homemade lavender extract.

Lavender Extract

Make a batch of this DIY lavender extract to add that classic floral flavor to any recipe!

Photo Credit: Sift and Simmer

Lavender Lattes

This is somewhat of a trendy drink these days with many unique and delicious variations, like these:

Photo Credit: Amanda’s Cookin’

Lavender Lemonade

This refreshing lavender lemonade is the perfect drink for those hot summer days. Great for brunches and showers, too!

Infused Water

This two-ingredient recipe is one of the most refreshing ways to cool down in the summer! 

mug of lavender milk tea.
Photo Credit: Sabrina Currie

Milk Tea

To make this delicious milk tea, steep dried lavender in milk to infuse the floral flavor into every drop. It’s wonderful with some black tea and honey!


Lavender adds a subtle, floral note to this fizzy kombucha!

Photo Credit: Sift and Simmer

Ice Cream

Coffee and lavender are a wonderful combination, and this homemade ice cream recipe marries these two flavors in the best way.

Chocolate Truffles

I love this twist on traditional chocolate ganache truffles! Instead of using plain heavy cream, you steep the lavender buds in the cream to add a subtle floral note. These lavender chocolate truffles would make a wonderful gift!

Photo Credit: Pure and Simple Nourishment


These lavender vanilla popsicles are the perfect summer treat. So easy to make and so, so tasty, these lavender popsicles are going to become your new favorite healthy dessert.

lemon lavender muffin with lavender buds.


These lemon lavender muffins are so tender and light, and the delicious lavender lemon glaze tastes just like lavender lemonade. Perfect for any brunch or summer gathering!

Mixed Berry Jam

​Lavender adds a layer of complexity to berries, and is a perfect way to elevate your favorite berry jam. Get the recipe for this mixed berry and lavender jam here.

Photo Credit: Monica Nedeff

Glazed Lemon Lavender Cookies

These lavender cookies would look perfect at a summertime tea party!

Lemon Pizzelle with Lavender Cheesecake

​I love these hand-held lavender cheesecakes! The lemon pizzelles hold the homemade lavender cheesecake in place while adding a sweet crunch as you bite through. Wouldn’t these be great for a Mother’s Day brunch or bridal shower?

Photo Credit: What a Girl Eats

Lavender, Honey, and Orange Posset

Posset is an old-fashioned dessert similar to panna cotta, but instead of using gelatin, it sets from the acid of the citrus! The lavender and orange posset is refreshing any time of the year.


These lavender cupcakes have real dried lavender baked directly into the batter and the most luscious lemon frosting to top them off!

Photo Credit: Earthly Provisions

Earl Grey Lavender Cake

The floral flavors of bergamot and lavender pair perfectly together in this tender earl grey cake.

Blueberry Sauce

Just imagine how wonderful your weekend pancakes will be with a generous serving of this delicious lavender blueberry sauce. Sounds great to me!

Photo Credit: Emily Laurae

Lavender Macarons

I love the pale purple shade of these lavender macarons, and the white chocolate balances the floral flavor so well. They look good enough to display in any bakery window!

Lavender Honey Marshmallows

Homemade marshmallows are such a fun kitchen project, and this lavender version is extra special! Try serving these lavender honey marshmallows in a hot cup of Earl Grey for a deliciously sweet treat.

bottle of herbs de provence with lavender.
Photo Credit: The Honest Spoonful

Herbs de Provence Spice Mix

This homemade Herbs de Provence spice blend includes a variety of dried herbs and lavender flower buds. If you have your own lavender plants in your yard, this is a great way to use up those extra buds!

These Herbs de La Garrigue are a fun alternative with the flavors of Southwestern France.

pouring a glass of lavender liqueur.

Homemade Liqueur

This homemade lavender liqueur recipe is so simple to make and adds a delicious lavender flavor to your favorite cocktails and more. It tastes especially wonderful in lemonade or this lavender lemonade cocktail!

Homemade Lavender Tea

Did you know you can make tea out of dried lavender buds? It’s especially great with honey and lemon.

Lavender Skincare Recipes

Lavender has many skincare benefits, including its ability to soothe and calm the skin. Here are some of my favorite lavender skincare recipes:

homemade lavender sugar scrub recipe.

Sugar Scrub

This nourishing lavender scrub is a great addition to any housewarming gift basket or shower routine! It’s incredibly easy to make and has such a soothing scent. 

​My lavender lip scrub is very similar and makes such a thoughtful gift!

Salt Scrub

For a little more exfoliating power, try this lavender salt scrub. It feels great on those tired feet!

Lavender Infused Oil

When you have lavender infused oil around, you can use it to make your own balms, salves, lotion bars, and more. It’s seriously easy and one of my favorite ways to use up those dried buds!

Bath Milk

Milk baths are so incredibly soothing, and the dried lavender and lavender essential oil make it even more relaxing. This DIY version can be stored in a mason jar for easy gifting!

Bath Soak

Mix Epsom salt, sea salt, and dried lavender for a relaxing and fragrant bath. Get the recipe here.

infused lavender oil for skincare.
Photo Credit: The Homestead Challenge

DIY Lemon Balm and Lavender Oil

This homemade body oil is such a wonderful way to nourish your skin with healthy oils! The scent of lemon balm and lavender are a perfect pair. 

Lavender Bath Salts (Coming soon)

These herbal bath salts are such an easy DIY project that can genuinely help you relax and calm down. I like to keep a quart mason jar next to my bathtub at all times! You can really customize this recipe, too. Feel free to add rose metals or other dried flowers, as well.

Bath Melts

Unlike bath bombs, these bath melts will fill your bath water with the most nourishing oils to help you relax and unwind.

oatmeal soap bars with dried lavender.
Photo Credit: Beauty Crafter

Oatmeal Soap

These DIY lavender oatmeal soap bars start with a goat’s milk melt-and-pour soap base, so they’re ready way faster than traditional cold-processed soap. It would be a fantastic handmade gift to share with someone special!

Homemade Salve

This simple lavender salve has a variety of benefits, from helping you relax to soothing itchy skin and even reducing pain! Wouldn’t this make such a nice sleep aid?

Nipple Balm

If you know a new mom who is breastfeeding, I’m sure they’d be especially thankful to receive some of this homemade nipple balm. 

homemade bath bombs with dried lavender.
Photo Credit: Beauty Crafter

Bath Bombs

I love that these lavender bath bombs are completely homemade, including the colloidal oatmeal, and they don’t contain any fragrance oils at all – just a few drops of lavender essential oil!


What is the best type of lavender to use for home decor?

The great thing about using lavender in your home is that you can really use any type! In general, you want to use either French or English lavender (lavandula angustifolia), as those dry really nicely and have a great scent. However, there are many variations of these two larger categories. Visit a local lavender farm and check out the different varieties they have!

What’s the best type of lavender for eating?

You know how lavender has a reputation for tasting soapy? That’s especially true if you use the wrong type! Always choose a culinary-grade lavender, usually English lavender. Other varieties have a much stronger, more camphorous flavor that would be very unpleasant to eat. 

What is the easiest way to dry fresh lavender?

If you’re lucky enough to find fresh lavender flowers this summer, be sure to dry them for later! Look for lavender plants that have not flowered but that have fully colored buds. I usually just make a small bouquet of lavender (no wider than 1.5 inches in diameter), then use a rubber band or twine to hold it together. Place the bunch of lavender in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. I usually hang the bunch upside down on my kitchen wall or in the pantry. Be sure to place something underneath the lavender to catch any buds that fall off! It can take 1-2 weeks for the lavender to dry completely.

pin for what to do with dried lavender.

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