lavender extract recipe
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If you have a recipe calling for lavender extract, skip the store and make your own! In this lavender extract recipe, you’ll learn how to turn basic culinary lavender into an amazing ingredient for all your lavender baking needs.

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lavender extract recipe

If you’ve ever had a lavender latte or lavender sugar cookies, you know just how delicious this flower can be! I love preserving all kinds of items from the garden and lavender is one that gives and gives.

You can turn your fresh lavender flowers into delicious lavender sugar or use dry lavender flowers to make your own lavender extract.

Homemade lavender extract is a potent form of lavender that adds a floral note to your recipes and bakes. It’s also incredibly easy and makes a great gift!

How do you make lavender extract?

Homemade lavender extract is made by infusing alcohol with dried lavender buds. The alcohol pulls the oils and aroma of lavender out of the buds. You can then use the extract to flavor a variety of recipes.


  • Mason jar
  • Strainer
  • Narrow funnel

Ingredients for Lavender Extract

lavender vodka

Instructions for Lavender Extract Recipe

  1. Measure out the dried lavender buds and add them to a clean jar.
  2. Cover the lavender with vodka.
  3. Close the jar with a waterproof lid. Shake and store in a dark place at room temperature for 5-7 days.
  4. Strain out the flower buds and bottle the extract in an amber glass bottle.

Storing Suggestions

As an extract, this product will last indefinitely. The flavor may begin to degrade after a year or two, but the alcohol will prevent any mold from growing.

Use an amber glass jar or bottle to keep the oil compounds from degrading in the light.

Tips & Variations

Dry out your own culinary lavender – Homegrown lavender extract is even more unique because each lavender variety has its own special flavor. Just be sure to use a culinary lavender, like English lavender, to avoid that soapy flavor.

Start slow and build up – Lavender has such a strong flavor. If you add too much, it will make your recipe taste like a bowl of potpourri. If you’re replacing your vanilla extract with lavender extract, start with half a teaspoon of lavender extract. You can always add more as you go!

Use a dropper – Instead of using a regular bottle, consider adding a dropper to your bottle. This will prevent accidental spills that will take your recipe over the edge.

Skip the alcohol with glycerin – Feel free to use food grade glycerin instead of alcohol.

lavender extract

How to use lavender extract

This is the fun part! Your lavender extract recipe can be used in a variety of ways, including…

  • Mix up some lemon lavender cookies
  • Make lavender simple syrup
  • Add a few drops to your lavender meringue
  • Bake some lavender shortbread cookies
  • Make a batch of lavender lemon bars
  • Drizzle into custom sugar syrups
  • Add to your lavender cupcakes
  • Churn some lemon lavender ice cream
  • Whip up a lavender buttercream to top your white cake

Other homemade extracts & preservation projects

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Can you make lavender extract at home?

Lavender extract is incredibly easy to make at home. All you need is some unflavored vodka and dried lavender flowers. Combine these two ingredients together and let them steep for about a week out of direct sunlight.

Strain the lavender buds out of the vodka and store in an airtight glass bottle, ideally amber glass. Use a dew drops of lavender extract to add a subtle floral touch to a variety of recipes.

What’s the right amount of lavender to make the best lavender extract?

I tried two concentrations for this lavender extract recipe: two tbs and four tbs of dried lavender flowers. Both resulted in a high-quality extract. I preferred the four tbs (1/4 c) recipe because it had the best flavor and scent. The other batch is also great but may require more extract to get the same flavor in recipes.

I recommend only allowing the lavender buds to stay in the alcohol for one week or the lavender flavor can become overpowering.

Lavender extract vs lavender oil

Lavender extract is an infusion, like vanilla extract. It is made with alcohol and dried flowers. It is appropriate for culinary uses.

There are two types of lavender oils. Homemade lavender oil is made by a lavender-infused oil often used for skincare to add the soothing benefits of lavender to lotions and salves.

The other type of lavender oil is lavender essential oil. This is done by distilling the lavender oil from the stems and buds. It is typically used in skincare and aromatherapy.

Which lavender is for culinary use?

Although all lavender is technically edible, not all lavender tastes good. Lavender has been traditionally used in soap for a reason!

The best lavender varieties for eating are English lavender, also known as Lavandula Angustifolia. Many different English lavender types are great for cooking and baking.

Can I make lavender extract from fresh lavender flowers?

I don’t see why you couldn’t use fresh lavender flowers; however, I have not tried making my extract this way. The next time I have some fresh lavender, I’ll try it out and update this post with the results.

lavender extract recipe
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Easy Lavender Extract Recipe

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Whip up this easy lavender extract recipe to add a floral flavor to your favorite cakes, cookies, ice cream, and more!
Prep Time:5 mins
Resting Time:7 d
Total Time:7 d 5 mins




  • Measure out the dried lavender buds and add them to a clean jar.
  • Cover the lavender with vodka.
  • Close the jar with a waterproof lid. Shake and store in a dark place at room temperature for 5-7 days.
  • Strain out the flower buds and bottle the extract in an amber glass bottle.


Over the course of a week, your clear vodka will turn a rich brown color. At this point, strain out the dried lavender buds and store the extract in an airtight bottle out of direct sunlight.
This extract is strong! Use half as much extract as you think you need, taste, and then add more if needed.
Course: Baking, condiment, extract
Cuisine: French
Keyword: lavender, lavender extract
Servings: 8 oz
Cost: 4
organic lavender extract recipe

Ready to get cooking? This lavender extract recipe will add a floral flavor to sweet and savory dishes! Whip up a batch today, and you’ll be cooking in no time.

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