Homesteading Tips & Projects

Learn how to be more self-sufficient with these homesteading projects and recipes! As a suburban homesteader myself, I understand the challenges of producing and preserving food in a small space. Every one of my resources is geared towards people working in the suburbs or in an apartment – no acreage needed!
Some of the homesteading skills you’ll learn here include:

Preserving the harvest (canning, dehydrating, freezing, infusing and more)
Cooking & baking from scratch with real food
Meal planning and stocking your pantry
Making your own cleaning supplies, skincare products, and more
Growing your own food
Making the most of the ingredients and supplies you have
Finding the right tools, supplies, and books to guide you on your way
Tips for engaging in community (and forming one if needed)
Slowing down and living with the seasons (like our ancestors used to do)

Just remember: being self-sufficient isn’t about doing everything yourself. It’s about doing what you can with what you have. There’s power in numbers! Use these tips to help grow your own homesteading community (either online or in person).
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