Rachael is a collector of milk glass antiques, but this website is not about profiling the history and story of milk glass itself. I love the aesthetic of milk glass and how it takes me back to my childhood visiting with grandparents. It reminds me of birdsong coming in through an open window and watching the light move throughout the day. It slows me down and makes me feel grounded.

Milk glass also connects to finding alternative ways to decorate your home. By incorporating antiques and thrifted finds, you’ll foster an eclectic, unique look that even helps the environment!

Rachael (that’s me!) is the blogger behind Milk Glass Home! I’m a school teacher, avid gardener, creative & self-taught home cook, and beginner home decorator. You can learn more about me and my values on my About page.

Although I started Milk Glass Home in July 2020, I’ve been blogging about these subjects since 2012 on a variety of platforms. I’m a big believer in real food, cooking from scratch, growing your own food, and living sustainably!

Yes! Not only am I a blogger, but I’m also a teacher. I cannot help but share information when I have it and I love to tweak my writing to make it as accessible and streamlined as possible.

I have a series of zero waste guides to help beginners transition to a zero waste (or low waste!) lifestyle.

My free pantry checklist has helped hundreds of people organize their pantries so they can cook from scratch every day. This is great for the environment, your body, and your wallet!

For people ready to take steps to live more sustainably, my free 5 Days to Green email challenge will help you learn the most important tenets of sustainable living in less than a week!

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I do offer guest blogging services to other blogs that focus on cooking from scratch, eco-friendly products, and sustainable living. Please use the contact form on the Connect page to start a conversation!

I am currently accepting requests for sponsored content only if it connects to these values and interests:

  • Sustainability
  • Eco-friendly living
  • Frugal living
  • Gardening
  • Cooking
  • Food preservation
  • DIYs
  • Home decor

I am picky about the brands I feature. I can only genuinely represent brands that align with my values. Products must be made to last and ideally made in the USA. We prefer to use organic, locally sourced foods as much as possible.

If you think our mindsets align, please reach out! I would love to work with like-minded brands and share your work with my community!

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