Zero Waste Toilet Cleaning 101 – Easy DIYs, Best Brands & Cleaning Tips

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Keep your toilet clean without generating plastic waste. Learn everything you need to know about zero waste toilet cleaning all in one place! We’re sharing super easy DIYs, our favorite brands, and tips to clean even the funkiest toilet.

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Simplify going zero waste in the bathroom

We’ve always opted for natural products to clean our house, but this year, we want to move away from products packaged in plastic! Before, we were using Seventh Generation liquid toilet cleaner. It’s got to go!

Not every cleaning problem requires a unique solution. Many of the products below are all multi-purpose, meaning they will help you time and time again around the home!

zero waste toilet cleaning

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The first 4 options below are DIY solutions you can make likely using items already on hand. If you’re in a time crunch or not feeling crafty, zip ahead to see some zero waste toilet cleaners you can buy online.

Learn how to make a simple zero waste disinfectant with an item I can almost guarantee you already own!

4 Simple DIY Zero Waste Toilet Cleaners

zero waste toilet cleaner DIY

1. Baking soda and vinegar

Pour 1/2 cup of baking soda into your bowl. Then add 1/2 cup of white vinegar. Let sit for 5-10 minutes then come back to scrub.

You can add a bit more fragrance to the mix with a few drops of your favorite essential oil. I’d recommend using something light and bright like tea tree, mint, lemon, orange, or lemongrass.

Use our simple sanitizing spray to disinfectant the toilet seat, lid, and handle.

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2. Castile Soap & a Scrub Brush

You can often find liquid castile soap at local bulk stores, so this is a zero waste cleaning staple!

It’s super gentle, but also very effective.

Simply squirt about 1 tsp of castile soap in your toilet bowl. Scrub. Flush. That’s it!

Just like above, use our simple disinfectant recipe to sanitize the toilet eat, lid, and handle.

zero waste toilet cleaner options sal suds

3. Sal Suds

We love Sal Suds and although it is packaged in plastic, it is so highly concentrated that I think it’s okay. We’ve been using the same bottle for 2 years and have made barely a dent…

Sal Suds is a cleaning concentrate from Dr. Bronner’s with a light pine scent. Think of it as castile soap on steroids. It’s super concentrated and can be used for almost anything…washing dishes, mopping floors, wiping counters, steam cleaning carpets, etc!

Cleaning a toilet with Sal Suds

Squirt about a 1/2 tsp of Sal Suds into the toilet bowl and scrub.

We used this strategy for a while and liked it because it was so easy. The light pine scent was refreshing too!

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4. Homemade Zero Waste Toilet Cleaner

One of my favorite zero waste ways to clean toilets is with this DIY zero waste toilet cleaner! It is totally plastic-free and can be made with things you may already have on hand.

We’re working on adapting this recipe to make your own toilet fizzies! We’ll let you know how to make your own toilet bombs soon.

zero waste toilet cleaner recipe

The best zero waste toilet bowl cleaner brands

There are powdered zero waste toilet cleaners these days that you can buy easily online! These are a great solution for people who don’t want to fuss with recipes and just want something that works right away

blueland toilet cleaner starter set

Blueland is huge in the zero waste influencer community! They sell a variety of highly effective zero waste cleaners that are sold as compressed tablets. For example, you can get a little dry tablet of hand soap concentrate that you simply add in water!

For their toilet cleaner starter set, you get a reusable metal Forever Tin & a paper pouch of 14 fizzing tabs for $22. When you run out, simply order your refills packed in compostable paper!

Ge the Starter Kit for $22 at BLUELAND

zero waste toilet cleaning tips
Johnny Drops Toilet Bombs

Made by Juniper Seed Mercantile, these toilet bombs are similar to my toilet cleaner, but they also include concentrated hydrogen peroxide for extra cleaning power! They are packaged in tidy little toilet bombs to make cleaning super convenient, too.

They’re safe for septic and packaged in paper.

5 bombs for $10 at Juniper Seed Mercantile on Etsy

zero waste toilet cleaner
Seventh Generation Plastic-Free Bathroom Cleaner

Stored in a reusable metal container, this cleaning powder can be used around the bathroom as a soft scrub. It’s also great for toilet cleaning!

10 oz for $10.49 at Grove Collaborative

Mama Suds Toilet Bombs Cleaning Tabs

Mama Suds is known for selling high-quality, natural cleaning products. That includes their own fizzing toilet bombs that they sell packaged in a cotton bag.

10 tablets for $15 at Mama Suds (subscription available for additional savings)

refillable handmade toilet tabs in a glass jar

Viren Apothecary sells beautiful handmade fizzing tolet tabs on Etsy in a refillable glass jar! Choose from unscented or eucalyptus mint. These tabs are extra powerful with the addition of washing soda & hydrogen peroxide.

Your packaging options include:

  • A reusable glass jar with 10 tabs
  • A refill package of 12 tabs wrapped in paper
  • A full glass jar & refill pack

Prices start at $9 at VirenApothecary on Etsy

Our Favorite Zero Waste Toilet Cleaning Tips

Zero waste disinfectant

The castile soap solves the problem of cleaning the bowl, but how do you sanitize the seat and handle?

Hydrogen peroxide is an EPA-approved disinfectant that you can use around the house! It destroys the cell walls of bacteria, germs, and mold. Perfect for toilets!

Simply add a 1:1 ratio of hydrogen peroxide and water in a dark spray bottle. If your old hydrogen peroxide bottle is partially used, you can reuse that and add a spray pump! Do not store hydrogen peroxide in glass. Always store it in plastic.

To disinfect, you’ll first want to wipe down any dirty surfaces with soapy water. Then, spray with the diluted hydrogen peroxide mixture. Let it sit for about 5 minutes.

The hydrogen peroxide breaks down when exposed to light.

Be mindful of inhaling sprayed hydrogen peroxide, especially if you have respiratory issues.

You can use this in your kitchen, too! However, be sure to rinse the hydrogen peroxide off any surfaces that come in contact with food.

zero waste toilet cleaning

Dealing with mineral build-up

If you have hard water like us, you may notice mineral build-up in your toilet and think you need a stronger cleaning solution. Not so!

Porcelain stone scrubbers

We have used porcelain stone scrubbers for years.

They are made of pumice and are soft enough to clean residue off porcelain without scratching. Simply wet them in your clean toilet water and scrub the stains away!

Drain your tank for a deep treatment

If you don’t want to buy a stone scrubber, you can try this technique.

Turn off the water to your toilet. Flush to drain out as much as you can.

Soak a cloth in white vinegar. Place it directly in the bottom of the bowl and let it set for 30 minutes to dissolve the residue.

When you’re done, remove the rag, turn on the water, and allow the tank to refill!

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Reusable Zero Waste Toilet Cleaning Supplies

The most sustainable products are the ones you already own! You don’t need to replace your cleaning towels or toilet brush with fancy zero waste ones unless they no longer work.

However, when you are ready to replace them, here are some sustainable, zero-waste alternatives.

wooden zero waste toilet brush

Ditch the plastic with a wooden toilet brush! These will be able to compost naturally when you’re done with them.

We are in love with this stunning wooden toilet brush & holder on Etsy!

metal toilet brush with replaceable head
zero waste toilet brush

Grove Co sells a few household brushes with replacement parts like this toilet brush. The handle is made of recycled aluminum and the bristles are recycled plastic.

When the head wears down, you can replace just that part! This is more sustainable than buying a brand new toilet brush made with virgin plastic.

Organic cotton cleaning rags

Find one brand of good cleaning cloths you like and use them all over! If you’re buying new, we recommend looking for sustainable fabrics like organic cotton.

You can also make your own cleaning rags using old towels, blankets, and shirts.

grove collaborative spray bottle
Glass spray bottles

We love these glass bottles from Grove Collaborative! They’re perfect for diluting Sal Suds to make an all-purpose spray to clean your whole home.

Get 2 free spray bottles, a cleaning caddy, cleaning concentrates, and more on your first order over $20!

Since the spray bottles are $15 each, this is a great deal! Grab your toilet cleaning supplies & then load up on free cleaning tools to save some $$.

Get the free Move Beyond Plastic kit!

zero waste toilet cleaning

Did I miss anything? Are there any questions I haven’t answered? Please tell me in the comments so I can make this post as helpful as possible!

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