Where to Buy Affordable Farmhouse Cabinet Pulls

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We’ve been building and renovating up a storm this year! Since so much of our furniture is thrifted, we decided to update our pieces to help make them fit the cozy, vintage farmhouse look we’re going for. We knew that adding farmhouse cabinet pulls would add so much charm with little effort!

affordable farmhouse cabinet pulls

Some of the furniture updates we made this year:

  • Add handles to our builder-grade Shaker-style kitchen cabinets
  • Sand, paint, and swap handles on our $5 bedroom side tables
  • Change out the handles on the TV-stand-turned-bathroom-cabinet

How to Measure Cabinet Pulls

When you’re swapping out drawer handles and need to fit the size, you need to measure “center to center.” That means that you’ll line up your measuring tape or ruler from the center of each hole. This will ensure you have an accurate size.

how to measure cabinet pulls

Why we bought new cabinet hardware instead of thrifting

Normally, we opt to thrift most pieces in our house. We did not do that in this case because we struggled to find matching pieces at our local thrift stores.

We even tried Habitat Restore and found mismatched pieces that weren’t sized. We checked Facebook Marketplace for people renovating their kitchens, but found nothing.

We just could not find what we wanted locally and I didn’t want to take the risk of ordering a bunch of mis-sized, mismatched pieces on eBay!

Although I searched Etsy high and low, I struggled to find consistent sets of handles that fit my sizes and budget.

By ordering new, we could make sure we had the right size, aesthetic, and price.

Where to Buy Affordable Farmhouse Cabinet Pulls

We found our farmhouse cabinet pulls from the following 4 retailers. I hope you enjoy the pulls you find just as much as we do!

Discount Home Furnishings

This was probably my favorite source of all of these. They have an excellent selection and you can order by the piece! We used this retailer for our kitchen hardware and we LOVED the pieces. They also sell the same pieces on Amazon, but in bulk quantities.

I fell in love with these cabinet handles with a leaf design. They felt so old school in the best way possible. Paired with the classic cup pull, I knew this combo would give me the “antique general store” vibes I craved!

farmhouse kitchen handles


Although we used these handles on a bathroom cabinet, they would look PERFECT in a farmhouse kitchen! I love that they have more of a square corner and the brass shade is just perfect. I honestly think these were the most beautiful of all the handles we tried!

When we bought the TV cabinet we now use as a bathroom cabinet, it had one brass knob and two rounded wood handles. The handles HAD to go, but I loved how the brass went with the blue. Since we just painted our master bedroom dark blue, I really wanted to play with this color!

farmhouse cabinet pulls

These gorgeous farmhouse cabinet pulls are from Liberty and are sold on Wayfair. I did have to pay $4.99 for shipping for this item as I did not order anything else, and I only needed two handles. I paid $13.42 total for these two handles. Ouch! Maybe buy more to meet the $35 free shipping threshold. But honestly? I LOVE THEM.

vintage furniture hardware


I found the perfect handles from Sumner Street for our updated bedroom side tables. They are more of an oblong shape than the sharper-edged Liberty handles and they make me think I’m in a 1940s library or something. They are beautiful on my cream-colored side tables and would look great in a white farmhouse kitchen!

farmhouse cabinet pulls

I only needed 4 and didn’t want to pay for shipping like I did with Wayfair, so I placed an order from Lowe’s for Ship to Store. They predicted it would take a week for the handles to come in but they took TWO DAYS. They are so nice and durable and I got exactly the amount I wanted without paying shipping.

vintage cabinet handles

I paid $17.44 total for 4 handles priced at $4 each.

Home Depot

When I first wrote this post, I did not include Home Depot because I was not finding the handles I wanted for the prices I wanted to pay. Over time, that’s changed!

I recently purchased a beautiful dresser that I wanted to keep in my kitchen. It had some of its original hardware but was missing two handles on one drawer. I knew that trying to find an exact match to the hardware on the second drawer was next to impossible.

Instead, I decided to start fresh and find 4 matching farmhouse drawer pulls. Right away, I saw that Home Depot had excellent prices on high-quality farmhouse drawer handle brands like Hickory. In fact, I paid $10.35 after tax for 4 of these 3-inch Meadows handles from Hickory using Ship to Store.

They matched the brushed brass look of the other handle perfectly and add a vintage, feminine touch to this dark wood piece.

It was so fast and easy to find exactly what I was looking for at Home Depot and I love that they offer Hickory handles! The next time I need new farmhouse cabinet handles, I’ll be starting at Home Depot.

How to buy the exact amount of farmhouse cabinet pulls you need for less

For our kitchen, we needed 25 cabinet pulls and 14 cup pulls. I already had 4 of the cabinet pulls (also from Discount Home) thinking they would work for our bedroom side tables…They didn’t fit, but I loved them as kitchen handles!

farmhouse cabinet pulls

From Amazon, you can buy Cosmas handles for a good price, but in bulk. For example, Amazon sells a set of 10 cup pulls for $24.95 (as of July 2020). This means the unit price is $2.49 each and I would need to order 2 sets, about $50 worth, for more pieces than I needed. Amazon does sell a 25-pack of a similar handle, but not the exact one I wanted.

For the farmhouse cabinet pulls, Amazon sells both a 10-pack and a 25-pack. I needed 21 for this order from Discount Home, but 25 total. The 25-pack would have been a great deal for me at $52, which is $2.08 per handle. I paid $1.79 per handle with Discount Home, but would have had free shipping on Amazon.

The best value

On Discount Home Furnishings, I spent a total of $79.40 for all the handles in my kitchen. I had the exact amount I needed for a great price! On Amazon, I would have had to spend $101.90 and have 6 extra random handles.

What about Amazon?

Notice that we did NOT find our farmhouse kitchen cabinet hardware on Amazon! We looked to see what there was and I even tried to order some handles from their once, but had a shipping issue. Honestly, I try not to shop at Amazon and prefer supporting a range of other businesses, ideally smaller businesses.

Plus, maybe it was just me, but a lot of the handles I saw for sale on Amazon seemed like lower quality. That might have just been the algorithms based on my searches, so I’m sure there are good products there, too.

How to install kitchen cabinet pulls quickly

The best farmhouse kitchen cabinet hardware brands

I’ll admit that my FAVORITE handles were the ones from Lowe’s and Wayfair. The Liberty (Wayfair) and Sumner Street (Lowe’s) handles were really durable and sturdy. They were also priced at about twice as much as the cheaper Cosmas (Discount Home) handles I got for my kitchen. My Hickory farmhouse cabinet pulls from Home Depot are so beautiful and were such a great price! However, I’m happy with all of these purchases and really enjoyed working with each of these sellers.

Which of these farmhouse drawer handles do you like best? Tell me below!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these tips on where to buy affordable farmhouse cabinet pulls.

    It wasn’t until we remodeled our own kitchen, that I realized how EXPENSIVE knobs and pulls were! Lol

    Thanks for linking up with us on the Embracing Home and Family link-up party!


    1. Yes, they definitely add up! I was so glad to get all of the ones for my kitchen (with lots of cabinets and drawers) for about $80. I just had to share the brands and companies that really offer affordable, quality products. Thanks so much for your visit and comment! Always glad to join your party!

  2. This actually is helpful to me. I’m looking into what type of cabinets to put in our cabin, and I like the rustic look of the hardware.

    Thanks for providing some resources I wouldn’t have known about.


    1. I’m so glad this was helpful! We’re really pleased with the cabinet pulls we ended up using and I hope you find ones you love, too! Best wishes!

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