14 Thoughtful Zero Waste Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Adore

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Want to celebrate Mother’s Day, but aren’t sure how to do that while reducing her environmental impact? Choose from this list of thoughtful zero waste Mother’s Day gifts.

Looking for zero waste Mother’s Day gifts?

Whether you’re zero waste and want to keep it that way for the holiday or you’re shopping for an eco-friendly mom, these sustainable gifts will help both of you enjoy the day.

Not all of these items are entirely zero waste and fit more in the low waste or sustainable categories. No matter what, you’ll find the perfect gift to make your mom’s day.

My favorite source for eco-friendly gifts

EarthHero is my secret for finding the best eco-friendly, sustainable gifts for any purpose! They are really intentional in their product sourcing and have everything from beeswax wraps to zero-waste candles.

14 Thoughtful Zero Waste Mother’s Day Gifts

To keep it simple, I recommend looking for:

  • Small businesses
  • Sustainable materials
  • Minimal packaging

You’ll notice that sometimes you can’t find exactly what you want without some waste here or there. Try to keep it simple.

It’s better to give a gift your mom will actually use and enjoy than to buy the “perfect” zero waste gift she’ll shove in a drawer somewhere.

zero waste mothers day gifts

1. Time together

Especially in this on-the-go world, it can be hard to spend one-on-one time with our mothers. Carve out a few hours or set aside a weekend to do something special together:

  • Take a class together
  • Book a weekend getaway
  • Go out to dinner
  • Explore a local hike
  • Visit a local nursery or garden
  • Attend a concert
  • Go to a wine tasting
sustainable mothers day gifts

2. Fuel a hobby

Depending on the hobby, this one might not exactly zero waste. Purchasing supplies you know your mom will love and enjoy can be a good thing, though!

If mom is an avid crafter, you purchase her a high-quality tool to last a long time. Or, you can hunt down supplies from secondhand shops and Facebook Marketplace. Your mom will think of you every time she works on her favorite hobbies now!

sustainable spa day for mothers day

3. Spa Day for Mother’s Day

Help mom take a load off with a nice spa day! Whether she wants a mani-pedi or time in a flotation tank, this is a great way to give her something she will love.

Look for a local spa that uses eco-friendly materials.

Have your own spa day! Make a batch of this vanilla sugar scrub and make some pink clay face masks.

plastic free mothers day gifts

4. Feed her delicious things

I love giving (and receiving) consumable gifts because they’re a great way to expand your palate while buying something your mom will surely enjoy.

Look for Fairtrade, small-batch, or artisanal products like…

San Juan Island Sea Salt – Handcrafted and naturally dried sea salt blends made on the San Juan Islands in Washington

Theo Chocolate – I love Theo’s ethical chocolate. Try the virtual chocolate-tasting class together!

Grounds for Change – Fairtrade and organic coffee for a caffeine-loving mom

Organic Wine Exchange – Find ethically produced organic, biodynamic, vegan, and low-sulfite wines

Flying Bird Botanicals Herbal Tea Gift Set – This 4-pack has different organic tea blends your mom will surely love. Plus, this is a woman-owned business and the packaging is completely recyclable.

zero waste mother's day gifts

5. Sustainable Mother’s Day gift ideas to jumpstart her journey

Whether she’s an avid low waster or still learning, you can set mom up for success with some high-quality sustainable upgrades to replace disposables.

6. Try some zero waste skin and bodycare

Spoil mom with some high-quality, low waste skin and body care products! Once she sees how well these sustainable products work, she’ll be hooked.

Freedom Deodorant – Organic, EWG Verified deodorants (they even have paper tubes!)

Plaine Products – Hair care and skincare products packaged in refillable metal containers

Good Juju Herbal – These are my all-time favorite zero waste shampoo bars. They’re great for all types of hair and are scented with essential oils.

Biossance Skincare – These are a great alternative to conventional skincare brands and they’re so gentle for sensitive skin.

Earth Habor – Try one of these eco friendly skincare sets to help mom find a new routine.

7. Splurge on eco friendly beauty products

There are so many sustainable makeup brands out there! The best ones use plant-based materials and work in small batches to ensure high quality control. Here are some of my favorite clean beauty brands.

Elate Cosmetics – This Certified B Corp is committed to using sustainable materials and recycled packaging. They’re a great alternative to regular drugstore brands.

River Organics – Look to this company for small batch, plastic-free makeup that really works. The husband of this husband-and-wife team worked as a chemist at Chanel for 8 years, so you know these lip balms and highlighters are something special.

Fat and the Moon – These organic options are inspired by herbal remedies and the recipes are as simple as possible. Think beetroot cheek stain and lavender & cocoa dry shampoo!

sustainable mothers day gifts

8. Gift a membership

If there is an organization your mom loves, this is a great time to make her an annual member!

eco friendly gifts for mom

9. Buy her fresh flowers

Locally grown cut flowers are a much more sustainable option than ordering flowers shipped from overseas. Look for fresh flowers at your local farmers market or reach out to local farmers for tips on the best sources.

Think beyond the bouquet, too. If your mom likes to grow her own flowers, gift her an heirloom rose bush or a house plant. Bonus points if you propagated the house plant yourself!

sustainable mother's day gifts

10. Invest in her health

Help mom get a better night’s sleep with an eco-friendly mattress and organic bedding!

Eco Terra – Hybrid latex mattress made with organic cotton

Eco Lux – Memory foam mattress made with CertiPur US-certified foam

Under the Canopy – The certified organic bedding we have on our bed

Seek & Swoon – Heirloom quality blankets made in Portland, Oregon

Learn more about eco-friendly mattresses here.

11. Upgrade her cookware

Especially if your mom loves to bake, make sure she’s using safe materials. Look for non-toxic ceramic cookware or durable stainless steel.

I love the colorful cookware sets from Caraway Home that are made with a non-toxic ceramic coating. The sets are truly designed for a great user experience and I love that they ship in recycled cardboard.

Caraway’s Cookware Set – This is the set I have with 4 matching pans, 3 lids, and a hanging lid rack. These pans are pretty enough to store on the counter!

Caraway’s Bakeware Set – Get the entire set of baking sheets, trays, etc. and the easy carriers to keep everything organized.

Caraway’s Tea Kettle – Add the matching kettle for endless cups of tea.

Read my full Caraway review here and learn about my favorite nontoxic bakeware brands.

12. Make some handmade gifts

Who doesn’t love a little DIY? There are so many thoughtful homemade gifts you can make.

If you don’t have time to make your own handmade gifts, check Etsy. I sell handmade baskets on my Etsy shop and there are thousands of other artisans to choose from.

13. Gift an Act of Service

Depending on your mom’s love language, she might prefer acts of service over a physical gift. This is a great opportunity to learn what your mom really needs and spend some time together.

  • Offer to rearrange a room in her house
  • Spend the weekend weeding and planting a garden
  • Paint a room in her house
  • Deep clean her car
  • Declutter and organize her pantry

14. Source some eco friendly candles

It can be hard to find high quality candles that are made with sustainable materials. Fortunately, EarthHero has some wonderful options to choose from.

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What do you think about these zero waste Mother’s Day gifts?

Was this list helpful? Did you find an eco friendly Mothers Day gift idea your mom will love? Tell us below!

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