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Our house is 10 years old, built in 2010. It’s a lovely house, very solid, with a good layout. It’s also pretty much a blank canvas. Literally no drawers in the house had any hardware. The carpets are all original. The vinyl flooring is all original. It’s a great house and we are so happy to be in it, but it definitely needs some character infusions!

I figured we should start testing our decorating plans in a small space, like our downstairs guest bathroom! It’s just a small bathroom – toilet, sink, and mirror – so I knew it should be easier to decorate than our open space living room and kitchen or our master bedroom!

My Design Inspiration: Antique Farmhouse

Since I love spaces that make me feel like I’m visiting antique stores back home in Wisconsin, I really wanted to bring in a mix of thrifted and new items into my farmhouse bathroom.

We decided not to paint the bathroom yet, so it’s still the original beige. We’re not sure what color to paint yet and since we like how the beige plays with our soft whites and neutral colors, we aren’t in a rush to change it!

Our Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

The first thing we hung on the wall was this gorgeous chunky-framed canning graphic from my cousin! I love this and think it gives off a lot of character.

We wanted to add an old window somehow. I managed to find one at an antique mall about an hour away. I shop for used items in a lot of places!

My husband hung this up using a French cleat like this.

I tried my hand at a simple floral wreath using Dollar Tree finds. I don’t know how I feel about this one yet, but I’ll let it stay here until I change my mind!

It seemed like adding some sort of barn imagery would really bring the Midwest home here. So many barn graphics seem poor quality and I really wanted art that spoke to me. I found this gorgeous barn art on Etsy and framed it up. All of her barn prints (look at this white barn one!), but this brown one really gave me nostalgia for driving around farm country with my grandpa!

This yellow rose dinner plate came from one of my favorite thrift stores to hang in my master bedroom redecoration, I loved how it balanced with the farm painting and this sweet little sign about being married to your best friend. I ALMOST passed on this sign at Goodwill. It was cute and I always think of my husband as my best friend, but I didn’t need a little sign! When I checked the back, I saw it was made in the small town in Wisconsin where my father-in-law was born! That felt like a sign, so it came home to find itself nestled with these other images.

I hung up the dinner plate using this and this! Super easy.

The cart

This cart came into this farmhouse bathroom on a whim…Since there is no storage in here at all, I wanted to bring in something to hold my DIY toilet spray and toilet paper. I have a bunch of these metal rolling carts because I use them in my classroom! This one is staying here though. The turquoise shade is really lovely!

This is the toilet paper I use!

It’s probably gross to have a picture of my grandparents in the bathroom, but it makes me so happy to see them everyday! This is a picture from their wedding day and I love seeing how young and happy they are. The flowers were my bouquet from my sister’s wedding and they are in a vase from my other grandma, and that’s one of only two things of hers I own at all.

I removed the brown horizontal blinds from the bathroom and adding some short lace curtains with a little milk glass trio on the windowsill. These hand towels from Home Goods add just the right amount of texture for me and top it all off!

It’s such a sweet space. Honestly, if it wasn’t a bathroom, I’d be in here all day!

Can you help me with a few things to make this farmhouse bathroom even better?

  • What do you think about the wall color? Should I change it and if so, should it be the same color on all 4 walls or have an accent wall?
  • What could I add to the old window instead of the wreath to add a little more detail? I could add some subtle vintage fabric behind it for a bit more color. Maybe I could get a color that would play off the turquoise of the cart.

Thanks so much for your ideas! You can drop them in the comments below. 🙂

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    1. Thank you! We keep changing it a little bit here and there, but I wanted to share where we were in the process. The family memories are the best part even though, again, I know it’s a little weird! I like those sweet moments.

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