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After years of trying different brands to find the best, safest products, these are the ones I trust for my family.

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My Products

Are you trying to live a simple, sustainable lifestyle? These ebooks make it easy to deal with the tricky parts of transforming your lifestyle. In each one, I share the information and skills I’ve learned the hard way to help make it easy for you!

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Real Food Resources

It’s time to set processed, prepackaged foods aside and roll up our sleeves. These are some of my favorite places for sourcing the highest quality proteins and pantry staples.

I always recommend supporting local producers first, but I know that’s not practical for everyone. Here are some of my favorite posts about eating real food on a budget, too!

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Zero Waste Stores

One of the best ways to live more sustainably is to find an eco-friendly alternative to Amazon or other big box stores. You can absolutely buy good quality zero waste products even on Amazon and for many people, that’s the most convenient place to find them. However, there are some other stores that make it so easy to shop from small, zero waste brands!

My personal favorite is EarthHero. They’re large enough to have an amazing selection and great prices, yet not so huge that you have to spend hours researching brands.

Any time I need a new item, I try to start there. Many times, I’ll find exactly what I need without wasting hours hunting down the “best” options out there!

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Cooking Products

It’s a lot easier to cook from scratch every day when you have the right tools. I try to only support brands that make the highest quality products made to stand the test of time. These are some of my favorite brands and I hope they make it easier for you to find the joy in cooking from scratch, too!

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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

I’ve spent over a decade trying to find products that are truly safe for me to use around my family. The best products should be both low waste and safe for your body and the planet; not just one or the other. Below, you’ll find cleaning products that are minimally packaged and that will work as advertised!

For more information, check out these posts that give you a deep dive on different options available.

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Reusable Swaps

One of the best ways to reduce your waste is to look for the items you buy that always end up in the trash. These are the disposable items we intentionally purchase to use once, then toss. Think plastic wrap, sandwich bags, paper towels, etc.

Once you finish the items you have, look for a reusable item that can fulfill that same role more than once!

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Clean Skincare

This is actually where I started my sustainable lifestyle. Since I have extremely sensitive skin, I had to hunt down products that wouldn’t cause me to react. Instead of suffering through the same years of trial and error, try these brands that have worked for me again and again!

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