Simple Sustainable Home


Let’s make sustainable living easy and beautiful.

We talk about cooking from scratch, growing and preserving the harvest, non-toxic cleaning and skincare, and, of course, going low to zero waste.



Why you’ll love Simple Sustainable Home

Rachael is a passionate, but practical real food-eating, garden-growing, low waste-living person who approaches each episode with openness, compassion, and humor.

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Thank you Rachael for putting your passion into the world and helping others through this podcast. Your ideas are fresh and easy to implement, and I appreciate that your content is always on point. Thank you!
Host of the podcast Sustainable Minimalists

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About the Author

Hi, I’m Rachael! I’ve been obsessed with living a simple, handmade life that’s friendly to the planet and my wallet.

I share tips about going zero or low waste, cooking from scratch, gardening & preserving the harvest, non-toxic cleaning and more!