Pause for Gentle Mid Year Intention Journaling

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Typically, people set goals at the beginning of the year. New Year’s Resolutions anyone? Although it’s important to set an intention or a goal, it’s also important to monitor your progress along the way. Let’s take just a few minutes today to assess and re-evaluate to make sure you’re on the right path!

summer intention setting

Setting an Intention

Whether you set your intention or goal with the seasons or made one when you felt called to do so, you’re clearly ready for a moment of self-reflection. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be right here reading this. 🙂

Intentions vs Goals

What is a goal?

A goal is based on action or achievement. I will make or do or commit to something. It is something you can track based on how often it happens. Think SMART goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely.

In a goal, you are thinking about what you want to do or achieve, by how much, and when.

These are great for businesses or creating lifestyle changes!

What is an intention?

However, an intention is something more subtle. It’s a little softer, more tender, and wilder.

An intention comes from within. It’s your inner self voicing a deep need or longing.

If there is a part of you that has been unsatisfied, it may come squeaking out as a persistent intention you can’t seem to shake.

summer intention setting

Setting an intention for the year

I shared my experience setting my word of the year for 2022: invest.

That word kept coming back to me again and again. It felt too financial, too capitalistic. I wanted to pick a different word like pleasure or connection.

But anytime I reflected, “invest” came back.

As I sat with that word, I realized how much I’d put myself on the backburner and how intensely I craved committing to myself, my passions, and my interests.

I wanted to dig in and find ways to match my outer world to my inner desires, which I then turned into goals (remember: these are good for getting things done).

Mid-Year Intention Journaling

mid year intention journaling

Get a printable copy of this reflection tool

I’m a pen-and-paper kind of gal, so I always prefer to handwrite my journal prompts. Print out your own copy of the file by clicking the button below (no email required)!

If you’d prefer, you can print this guided intentional journaling from my free resource library.

Whether you created goals or set an intention, it’s time to check in on that word or thought.

Prepare some tea while you gather your journal or print your journaling prompts. Take a few deep breaths.

Say or think these words to yourself:

“I will listen to myself.”

“I will listen to myself without judgment.”

“I already know what is right for me.”

mid year intention journaling

Intention Self-Reflection Journaling Prompts

1. Does the intention you set still resonate with you?

Listen to your body. Do you feel an eagerness or excitement to pursue that word? Or does it feel flat, like you can’t connect to it?

Write down what you feel. Feeling stuck? Try a sentence starter:

When I think about this intention, I feel…

2. Does this intention bring you down or light you up?

Are you feeling any hang-ups around this intention? Maybe you feel guilty, anxious, full of dread, or uncomfortable. Maybe you’re disappointed from a lack of action or you feel you’ve neglected this commitment in some way.

Or, on the contrary, this intention may still bring you a bright sense of clarity. Imagining a world where you live according to this word or phrase energizes you. You feel your energy brighten and excitement build.

Use these prompts to focus your writing:

This intention makes me feel ________________. I feel this way _______________.

mid year goals

3. When have you shown commitment to this intention?

Let’s reflect on your successes. You are growing and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. This is a good thing! Even if you did it imperfectly or you did it less than you hoped, you absolutely have success to celebrate.

List as many moments of success you can think of! If that feels daunting, choose 3-5.

Sentence starter:

I showed my commitment to _____________ when I …..

4. Why do you think this intention came to light?

If your intentions come from some place of inner knowing guiding you to a truer relationship with yourself, what does this specific intention say about you? Where does it come from? How long has this intention been emerging?

Sentence starter:

I felt drawn to this word because….

mid year goals

5. Do you want to stay committed to this intention?

At this specific moment, do you feel like you need to stay committed to this intention? Is it adding to your life and allowing you to feel more like your true self? Is it no longer relevant? Are you feeling drawn to another intention?

Trust your gut. If you’re feeling disconnected from this intention or it brings you down, let it go. Is there another word emerging? What is it? What would it look like to live according to that intention?

If it is still relevant, this should feel like a big yes! It will be an easy question to answer.

6. How can you reprioritize your intention?

If you’re still feeling energized and drawn to your intention, how can you keep that energy moving forward? Is there something you can do to bring that focus to mind? This could be posting a message by your mirror, wearing a specific bracelet as a reminder, printing out an image to symbolize your intention, and placing it somewhere prominent.

If you need to set a new intention, here is my intention setting framework to help you.

mid year goals reflection
midyear intention journaling
summer intention journaling

How did this mid-year intention journaling go for you?

Did these prompts feel true or right for you? Were there other questions that emerged? Did you end up keeping your intention or crafting a new one? Share your experience in the comments!

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