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get your kitchen under control

You’re on your way to cooking from scratch every day!

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If you’re really committed to shrinking your grocery budget, minimizing food waste, and cooking from scratch…I have one more tool to help you start this journey.

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The Ultimate Kitchen Organization Bundle

Get the best of the best. You’ll get my meal planning bundle, kitchen inventory bundle, and home canning bundle! You’ll be able to track the food you have, get organized, and stop wasting money at the grocery store.

What’s included

This bundle contains everything you need to set up a weekly meal planner & organize your kitchen and pantry!

When your kitchen is organized…cooking from scratch is a breeze!

  • Meal Planning Bundle packed full of planning tools & you’ll even get the Canva template to customize everything! ($17 value)
  • Kitchen Inventory Bundle to track & organize your fridge, freezer, pantry and spices ($7 value)
  • Home Canning Bundle to keep track of your stockpile & prepare for future projects! ($12)
  • Matching binder cover so you can make an all-in-one kitchen organization binder! ($5)

Your Price: $41 $21

Meal Planning Bundle

Set up a simple, zero waste meal planner that uses up every bit of those leftovers & aging produce. Fight food waste & save money

Kitchen Inventory Bundle

Know what you have on hand so you can eat from your fridge, pantry, and freezer first. Do this before you go shopping!

Home Canning Bundle

Whether you love to can or are just getting started, the canning inventory makes it easy to eat your jam, jelly, and pickles before it’s too late. The labels will help organize your haul!

Ready to get started?

Get your kitchen in order in no time!

This bundle has everything you need to get organized, start cooking from scratch, and preserve the harvest. Start wasting money on food that goes bad before you can use it. Don’t go to the grocery store before you do this!

Time’s almost up!

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