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You’re in!

Get ready for the kitchen of your dreams!

Now that you have your bundle of kitchen organizational tools, let’s figure out where to start! Save the email with the download link, too. You’ll be able to download the file again in the future!

Where to begin

My dinner routine feels like a disaster!

Don’t let meal planning scare you. It’s easier than it seems although it can be really hard to get going!

My pantry needs a real makeover.

If you’re wasting food before you can use it or keep accidentally buying things you already have…your pantry needs a makeover.

  • Start with one area to clean & organize.
  • Take everything out & clean out the space.
  • Toss or compost expired food.
  • Reorganize and track the items you have on the appropriate list.

I want to start canning or eating my canned goods!

This is the perfect time to start canning. Grocery stores are more expensive and we can preserve the harvest with some simple techniques.

If you want to start canning:

  • Store this log somewhere safe! Use it to track your canned goods when you have them. Feel free to use this as a planning tool, too!
  • Print the labels out to have them on hand for your canning adventures.
  • Figure out where you can find bulk produce for canning in your area!

If you’re already a canner:

  • Go through your stash & track what you have.
  • Add labels to any jars without them.