Episode 2 – Baby Steps

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In this episode, Rachael will share 3 of her favorite sustainable living bloggers with you to help you see which baby steps made the biggest difference in their journeys! We’ll isolate specific baby steps that really helped and brainstorm ways to make any habit shift effective.

This episode was inspired by the sustainable living tips shared by over 20 eco-friendly bloggers!

Listen to Episode 2 – Baby Steps

Episode 2 show notes:

0:00 Intro
0:44 Episode intro
4:30 My journey to sustainable living
10:26 Story 1: Attainable Sustainable
14:16 Story 2: A Clean Bee
15:27 Simple swaps at the grocery store
19:11 Anticipating the weak spots
22:14 Story 3: Laura Tweedale
24:58 Make easy even easier
28:08 Overview of post
29:20 Wrap up

Resources mentioned:

My post with sustainable living tips from over 20 bloggers
Attainable Sustainable
A Clean Bee
Laura Tweedale

Episode Sponsor:

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