Episode 1 – Cut the Wrap Already

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In this episode, Rachael will break down everything you need to know about living without plastic wrap. We’ll discuss how it’s made, the problems with disposal, and how to substitute for plastic wrap to keep it out of your home.

It’s easier than you’d think!

This episode is an adaptation of our post about zero waste plastic wrap alternatives.

Listen to Episode 1 – Cut the Wrap Already to learn what to substitute for plastic wrap

Episode 1 show notes:

0:00 Intro
1:25 No wrap here, thanks
3:35 The problems with plastic wrap
8:15 My favorite plastic wrap alternatives
14:15 Get all our free resources
15:15 Two popular alternatives (& why I’m so tired of my Pyrex bowls)
21:52 Working through tricky situations
23:59 The one time I wish I had plastic wrap…
27:06 Tell me all your problems
27:52 Wrap it all up

Resources mentioned:

My plastic wrap alternative post (find info on production, disposal, and plastic wrap alternatives)
Fabric bowl covers on Etsy
Reusable food wraps
Silicone lids

Episode Sponsor:

Plantish is a Canadian company that sells zero waste home items, like wooden dish brushes, dish block soaps, reusable cotton swabs, and silicone lids! Don’t worry – they ship to the US and offer free shipping for orders over $35!

We appreciate that this small business is committed to sustainability. We love the dish cleaning tools we bought from them!

Get 15% off any order with Plantish using code MILKGLASSHOME15

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