Green Mattress Guide – Which Eco Friendly Mattress is Right for You?

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Ecofriendly mattresses are becoming more and more common these days. Just like with most green products though, we have to be really thoughtful to make sure we aren’t paying extra for an inferior product. Here are the best eco-friendly mattress brands we considered and keep reading to see which one we eventually chose!

ecofriendly mattress comfort

Goodbye to our old memory foam mattress

Way back in his bachelor days, my husband bought a cheap memory foam mattress on Amazon.

It lasted well, but I never really loved it. If I laid on it without a mattress pad, it made my hips sore. It got awfully hot in the summer. It held you in a little too close. Eventually, I had to add layer upon layer of bedding products to make it comfortable enough. Even then, I still didn’t care for it that much.

We talked about upgrading to a larger bed in the past, but it wasn’t until we got our new couch that things changed.

Our new couch showed us how much better our bed could be

We ordered a new couch in April 2020 knowing that it would take a full 6-7 months before it would be delivered. After researching local companies, we chose to work with Stanton as we could custom order a product with a great warranty from a local business.

Thankfully, the Oregon-based company had product models in small furniture stores around our area. We really liked the couches we tried at the storefront we visited and we loved that Stanton was a regional company with an excellent warranty.

The only problem with our new couch…

Our new couch is SO comfortable that I prefer to sleep on it instead of our bed. My husband’s not thrilled with that and for a while, I couldn’t really explain why I didn’t want to be in our bed. Eventually, I realized that I like the firm pressure of the couch and how it holds me up above the cushions while still offering support. My body feels really light and weightless on the couch and heavy and sore on the bed.

We decided that since I’m sleeping on the couch easily twice per week, it might be time to move up our mattress replacement date. The bed won’t really be leaving; instead, it will move to our guest room.

We love finding eco-friendly products that work for us! Check out Our Faves to find your new favorite!

Our eco-friendly mattress requirements

Our ecofriendly mattress wishlist:

Size: King

Quality: Eco-friendly and as organic as possible; non-toxic & hypoallergenic with no off-gassing or odor

Longevity: Made to last 15-25 years

Good for: Back and side sleepers of various weights; reducing motion transfer; hot sleepers

Brand: Good quality brand with a long warranty (15+ years) and at least 100-night sleep trial

Price: Maximum $3,000 to include the mattress, bedding, AND bed

Perks: Discount for being a teacher or cashback on Rakuten!

nontoxic mattresses

What should I look for in an eco friendly mattress?

You typically do not find memory foam in organic mattresses. Instead, you’ll often find a firm latex layer for cushioning and support placed over wrapped metal coils.

Most ecofriendly mattress brands right now sell hybrid latex mattresses, meaning they are a mixture of the wrapped coils and the latex layer on top.

What type of latex is best for mattresses?

When I first started researching ecofriendly mattresses, I kept seeing all these different types of latex! I had heard of latex, of course, but didn’t know how to discern the differences between the different varieties and I wasn’t sure if it was really environmentally friendly.

Essentially, latex is a natural foam made from processing the sap from rubber trees (they actually aerate it then bake it until firm). The two most common natural forms of latex are Dunlop and Talalay. You can also buy manmade latex, but that is derived from petrochemicals and is not an ecofriendly choice.

Labels to look for: Rainforest Alliance Certified, GOLS certified (Global Organic Latex Standard), GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), Greenguard, Eco Institut, OEKO-TEX

ecofriendly latex mattresses

Dunlop vs. Talalay Latex

I kept finding that the more premier and higher quality mattresses included Talalay latex, so I wanted to do a little digging between the two!

Basically, Dunlop latex is firmer and harder than the softer Talalay latex. This makes Talalay latex better at reducing discomfort from pressure points and gives it a more pillowy feel. It is harder to find and more expensive than Dunlop.

Learn more about latex production and the different types of organic latex products at SavvyRest.

Organic cotton & wool

For additional padding and for the mattress exterior, you will often find organic wool and cotton. These are natural, biodegradable products that offer comfort and breathability. Are they really ecofriendly though?

ecofriendly mattress organic cotton and wool
Many ecofriendly mattresses contain wool for its breathable warmth and softness.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is a superior choice to conventional cotton as it wastes less water, is better for the soil, releases fewer greenhouse gases, and uses less energy to produce (source). In fact, organic cotton uses 62% less energy and 88% less water than conventional cotton (source)!

Labels to look for: OEKO-TEX Green labels, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), USDA Certified Organic, Fair Trade, Better Cotton Initiative

Organic Wool

Organic wool is a natural, biodegradable fiber that can regulate heat easily. It is a natural fit in an organic, ecofriendly mattress. However, there are concerns about animal welfare standards in different countries. There are also questions about water efficiency in wool production, although those same questions exist for cotton production.

Labels to look for: Responsible Wool Standard, Certified Animal Welfare Approved, Certified Organic Wool, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)

Although these products are natural and more sustainable than manmade products, we do still want to make sure we buy well-made products that will last for decades so we can get the most use out of this one purchase possible.

Ecofriendly mattress brands we considered

We spent a while researching eco-friendly mattress brands…There are so many that exist out there in the world and it’s hard to make sense of which reviews were just from people trying to make money versus people who really liked the brand.

Did any of the brands structure their reviews in a way that we only saw the good ones? How did the people who didn’t like the mattress feel about the brand after the experience?

All of the brands listed below sell multiple mattress types. For this review, we focused on the mattress that fit our budget and needs the most. We recommend looking at each brand to see if there is a different model that fits your specific concerns.

Helpful Tool: We eventually found the Sleep Foundation website and were intrigued at how it broke down the ecofriendly mattress brands into categories based on their strengths. For example, they gave Best Pressure Relief to the Awara Premier Latex Hybrid and Best for Back Pain to PlushBeds Botanical Bliss.

If you’re just as picky about clean skincare as you are about ecofriendly mattresses, check out my Biossance review!

The Best Eco-Friendly Mattress Options

Avocado Mattress

Avocado is the number 1 rated organic mattress brand! It was the first one we’d ever heard of it we wanted to spend some time reviewing the options.

Despite the great reviews, we did not spend a lot of time considering Avocado due to the price.

Avocado Mattress Pros Avocado Mattress Cons
– Certified organic mattresses with GOTS-certified organic cotton & wool and GOLS-certified latex
– Uses wool or silica as a natural fire retardant (depends on mattress type)
– B corp
– 1 year sleep trial
– 25-year warranty
– Carbon Neutral Certified
Consumer Reports recommended
– Price: The mattress we wanted was $2,099 on sale and an added pillow top would be an additional $700. This did not include any bedding, etc.
– No additional items included (organic bedding available for sale on site)
– No cashback on Rakuten

Our take: This company meets our values by being a B Corp and Carbon Neutral certified. We love the 25-year warranty and 1-year sleep trial! However, the price was too high for us especially since it did not include the bedding or offer additional discounts.

non toxic mattress lifetime warranty

Saatva Mattress

I really wanted a Saatva bed! They even sell a Saatva HD which is a higher density for heavier bodies. As someone who’s always been on the larger side, I loved the idea of getting a bed made to offer comfort and support!

Saatva Mattress ProsSaatva Mattress Cons
– Made with organic cotton, natural latex, and CertiPurUS-certified foams mattresses
– Uses thistle fiber or wool for natural fire retardant
– Free in-room delivery and setup (not packaged in a cardboard box)
– 180-day sleep trial
– 12-25 year warranties
– Extra back support
American made
Discounts for teachers & other community positions
Connected to Rakuten for 1.5% cashback
– Price: The Saatva HD was over $3,000. We considered the Saatva Classic on sale for about $1,775.
– No additional items included (organic bedding available for sale on site)
– Some products include memory foam instead of latex for support
– Latex when used is natural and not organic

Our take: Saatva mattresses are a high-quality ecofriendly mattress option. The Classic mattress prices are pretty competitive with other ecofriendly mattress brands and the added Rakuten and community discounts help make the prices even more manageable.

PlushBeds Mattress

We were really, really drawn to the PlushBeds and almost ordered one! They had a great after-Christmas sale with a deep discount on their mattresses and that included free bedding!

We were looking at the Organic Botanical Bliss mattress in the king-size that was on sale from $4,099 to $2,749. This mattress was rated as the best for back pain by the Sleep Foundation!

PlushBeds Mattress Pros PlushBeds Mattress Cons
– Made with organic GOLS-certified latex & organic cotton and wool (Botanical Bliss model)
– Uses Joma wool for natural fire retardant
– Free shipping
– 100 night sleep trial
– Included bedding in mattress price (for the sale at the time)
– Community Hero Discounts (teachers, first responders, medical, police, low income)
– Price: Even on sale and with the teacher discount, we were still talking about spending towards the maximum of our budget on JUST the mattress.
– No cashback on Rakuten

Our take: PlushBeds offers very high-quality, sustainable ecofriendly mattresses. Since they included the bedding and had discounts, it made it easier for the price point to seem reasonable. In the end, we didn’t want to spend this much money on just the mattress.

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organic mattress dunlop latex

Awara Mattress

We kept being drawn towards Awara. Their product selections were pretty straightforward as you had two basic choices. You could either order the Natural Luxury Hybrid Mattress or if you add the pillow topper, it becomes the Premier Latex Hybrid Mattress.

We looked into the Premier Latex Hybrid Mattress on sale for $2,099 with a $200 discount and a free tranquility sleep bundle (mattress topper, mattress, and pillows).

Awara Mattress Pros Awara Mattress Cons
– Made with organic New Zealand wool, organic cotton, and Rainforest Alliance-certified natural (not organic) Dunlop latex
– Uses silica as a natural fire retardant
– FOREVER warranty!
– 365 night sleep trial
– Included free bedding (mattress protector, sheets, and pillows)
– Planted 10 trees in honor of purchase
– Connected to Rakuten for 6% cashback
– Cheaper than other brands (even WITH the additional $400 plush top, the mattress was $1,899)
– Does not use GOLS-certified latex
– They sent TOO many cart reminders! 14 in one day! We even changed our email settings to once a week and they kept coming.
– No discounts for teachers, medical professionals, police officers, etc.
– Included bedding is conventional cotton, not organic

Our take: Awara offers a very competitively priced eco-friendly mattress with an excellent warranty and sleep trial. Their pricing included the bedding and you can connect to Rakuten for even more cashback.

We did learn later that Awara is a brand from Resident Home, which is the same company that owns Nectar and DreamCloud. This could be a pro or a con.

Pro: They are mattress-producing experts who are probably big enough to actually stick around and uphold those lifetime warranties. This also explains how their marketing and cashback efforts are so generous.

Con: This company makes money selling non-ecofriendly products & had excessive marketing emails. Would the mattress really stand up to the hype?

Nest Bedding Mattress

We really, really loved Nest Bedding, especially the Lifetime Renewal Exchange program. Basically, they have removable latex layers inside of the mattresses that you can exchange as needed. This allows you to keep the mattress, but ensure that it is the right firmness for life! It’s like replacing the soles on your shoes! So clever!

We were looking at the Owl Natural Latex Hybrid mattress on sale for $1,899, which included free Lifetime Renewal Exchanges. If we wanted the organic latex hybrid, it would have been close to $3,600!

Nest Bedding Mattress Pros Nest Bedding Mattress Cons
– Organic and ecofriendly mattresses made with organic cotton & wool, natural Dunlop latex (OEKO-TEX certified), and eco-friendly foam (CertiPurUS certified)
– Uses silica for natural fire retardant
– Replaceable latex layers allow you to adjust firmness and keep the mattress effective for years to come
– Made in the US
– Fair Trade certified
– Connected to Rakuten for 1.5% cashback
– Can customize internalize firmness & – Free firmness exchange in first 100 days
– Lifetime warranty
– 365 night sleep trial
– Price: High, but competitive with other brands
– Bedding not included
– Had to choose from mattress thickness AND softness
– Optional accident warranty available for purchase
– Too many mattress options made it hard to choose the right one
– Natural, not organic latex

Our take: Nest offers a revolutionary mattress model with the Lifetime Renewal Exchange feature. However, it is confusing to understand exactly how that system works and choosing which mattress was right for us was really hard.

We did not like having to choose mattress thickness and firmness level. Plus, the price for organic mattresses was very high! However, the Owl Natural Latex Hybrid was a really close product competitor with Awara mattress and the price was identical at the time of the sale.

We don’t trust just any company. We’re even picky about the ecofriendly toilet paper we use!

BedInaBox Eco-Lux

For over 20 years, BedInaBox has been shipping mattresses directly to their customers’ front doors. In fact, they are the first company to start this now standard practice!

In the past, we did not consider their products because they did not sell mattresses with environmentally-friendly components.

They launched a new Eco-Lux mattress which is a latex-free memory foam alternative. The entire mattress has received the rating of STANDARD 100 from OEKO-TEX and is a Bio-Preferred product. BedInaBox only uses CertiPur-US certified memory foam in this mattress to ensure the foam is made with the utmost concern for quality, safety, and environmental impact.

Eco-Lux Mattress ProsEco-Lux Mattress Cons
– Latex-free for people with allergies
– CertiPUR-US certified memory foam
– STANDARD 100 OEKO-TEX rating
-Bio-Preferred product
– Made in North Carolina
– 20 Year Warranty
– 120 Night Sleep Trial
– Organic cotton exterior
– Highly rated by Trust Pilot, NapLab, and Google
– Price is higher than traditional memory foam mattresses
– Incorporates man-made materials like memory foam
– Does not include bedding
– Not connected to Rakuten

Our take: The Eco-Lux mattress from BedInaBox is a high-quality memory foam mattress made using the highest standard of ingredients from a company with the experience to back up their robust warranty. This is a great option for someone who prefers memory foam over latex, but wants the best quality they can afford.

Stumptown Mattresses

When I searched for a local eco-friendly mattress company, I was directed to Stumptown Mattresses out of Portland, Oregon! As someone who lives in Washington and who specifically ordered her couch from an Oregon company, I loved the idea of supporting a regional company.

Stumptown Mattresses sells two different mattresses: The Original (memory foam) and The Hybrid (mix of foams and coils). We were most curious about the hybrid mattress as it was more similar to the hybrid mattresses reviewed above.

Stumptown Mattress Pros Stumptown Mattress Cons
– Locally made in the Pacific Northwest
– Uses a nylon fabric on the outside of the mattress as fire-retardant
– Hybrid is a hypoallergenic mattress
– 100 night sleep trial
– 10 year warranty
– Uses American made materials like CertiPur US-certified foam
– Prices are very affordable (neither goes above $950 for even the largest sizes)
– Does not use organic materials like organic cotton or wool, so not as ecofriendly as other brands
– No cashback on Rakuten
– Does not include bedding

Our take: This is a great price point and local product which may be a good in-between purchase for shoppers trying to make more intentional choices. However, we did not want a memory foam mattress and specifically wanted to use organic materials.

ecofriendly mattress best value

Which brand offers the best ecofriendly & organic mattress?

We really loved Nest Bedding the most, but wanted something more affordable that still included free bedding or was at a lower price point.

Why we loved Nest Bedding so much

First of all, we loved that Nest Bedding has the Lifetime Renewal Exchange allowing you to adjust and update the firmness of your mattress at any time. They have a removable latex insert that can be swapped out as needed if your mattress starts to sag, etc. This means the mattress is truly made to last! You could keep it for decades and still adjust it to your own preference. We really wanted one of these mattresses but were not ready to spend the money needed to do so.

PlushBeds vs. Awara

So then, we looked at the next brand that offered customizable firmness, PlushBeds. We loved that PlushBeds mattresses are made to work for you. They offered discounts and included free bedding…We really wanted to order them! It was like Nest Bedding’s customization with the back support perks of PlushBeds.

Awara didn’t have all of the same perks or customization that Nest Bedding had, but the price was so strong. We could get their very best quality mattress, including a pillow topper for an extra $400, and still spend less than most other brands.

It would still have the organic cotton, wool, and Dunlop latex featured in the best other brands. It was not adjustable in the same way Nest Bedding and PlushBeds were, but the price reflected that.

We would also have an entire year to test out the mattress and it would have a lifetime warranty!

Which mattress is most environmentally friendly?

Actually, we used a third party…We looked at the individual reviews from Sleep Foundation for the specific mattresses we were considering. Remember earlier when we mentioned that Sleep Foundation rated PlushBeds Botanical Bliss best for back pain and Awara’s Premier Latex Hybrid as best for pressure relief?

We looked over their reviews line by line to see which mattress best fit our body weights, sleep styles, and needs.

They compared both brands and showed PlushBeds rated as a 4.9 out of 5 and Awara as a 4.7 out of 5.

Sleep Foundation’s Awara Mattress Review:

Although they rated motion transfer as 3/5 for Awara, we hoped that getting a king-sized bed would help reduce some of that.

My husband and I both like to sleep on our backs and sides and appreciated that Awara was rated as excellent for those positions for our weight classes.

Awara was chosen as their best organic mattress and best mattress for allergies in 2021.

Sleep Foundation’s PlushBeds Mattress Review:

Sleep Foundation gave the Botanical Bliss a 4/5 for motion isolation, which is better than Awara. They were rated the same for pressure relief (4/5).

The area that was really telling for us was the review of sleep positions and body weight. For my husband, this mattress would be excellent for side sleeping and fair for back sleeping.

For me, it would only be fair for either position. Was I willing to spend MORE money for a mattress that would only be fair for me?

The ecofriendly mattress brand we chose…


In the end, we wanted to make a choice that fit our current price point. We were tempted to spend extra to get the very, very best mattress, but we felt that Awara was a high-quality product that would still allow us to shop in our budget.

We ordered the Awara Premier Latex Hybrid Mattress in the king-size for $1,899. It won a variety of awards, including the Sleep Foundation’s Top Pick Best Value 2021! This was all on top of the year-long sleep trial, lifetime warranty, free shipping, and free bedding.

We used Rakuten to get an additional 6% cashback, which came out to an extra $113! We did shop the New Year sale, which reduced our price slightly and that sale included the sleep tranquility pack for free. It shipped quickly in a large box, so we don’t need to arrange any delivery services.

What if we don’t like our new ecofriendly mattress?

Since we get an entire year to test out the mattress, our hope is that we really love it and find it to be a perfect fit. We hope their return policy is truly as generous as they advertise.

If we do not like this mattress for some reason, we would absolutely go back to Nest Bedding and try out their Owl Natural Latex Hybrid mattress to test out that Lifetime Renewal Exchange option!

Looking back, I wish we’d checked out Eco Terra a little better. They have organic wool, organic cotton, and Dunlop latex, like Awara, but about $500 cheaper! The Sleep Foundation named it a Best Value, too.

UPDATE: After 4 1/2 months with our Awara mattress, I wrote an Awara mattress review of everything that happened since this post was published.

I cover what t was like receiving the mattress, unboxing it, the free bedding, our first few nights of sleep, payment processing, and more! Would we still buy this mattress or try something else?

We will also share an updated review after our first year with the mattress, too.

Do you have an eco friendly mattress? Have you tried any of these brands? Let us know in the comments?

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