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Does any of this sound familiar?

Chances are, you know that it’s important to make some changes to live a more sustainable lifestyle. It’s better for the environment and you’re concerned about the safety of beauty and cleaning products. The last thing you want is to find out the products you used caused you or your family to get sick!

You’ve been trying to make some switches, but you’re getting bogged down. There are SO many competing voices…You don’t want to have to unravel 5 different logical arguments. You just want something easy, something that’s more like a gradual process that helps you make subtle, lasting shifts over time.


You know it’s important to go green, but you don’t know where to start! There are so many competing viewpoints…What’s true? What actually matters?


You don’t have time to research every product or ingredient you bring into your house. You’re busy! You just want to know which products are the best.


You are on a budget. Going green is important to you, but so is being frugally responsible. You are not about to drop $100 on some fancy cleaning spray to replace your $2 one.

What if you could…

Learn the most effective mindset shifts & habits that lead to lasting change.

Know the essential principles and values of sustainable living to be ready to make informed decisions on your own.

Gradually transition to a green lifestyle so you aren’t overhauling every room of your house at once!


5 Days to Green

In this free email challenge, I’ll share the most important mindsets & strategies for living a sustainable lifestyle! In less than a week, you’ll know the basics of a low waste, sustainable lifestyle so you can shrink your carbon footprint, avoid harmful ingredients, and save some money, too!

Here is what you will learn:

  • The most sustainable products (hint! you already know all of them!)
  • Why thrifting is so important
  • The one material to reduce from your life
  • Effective & affordable natural cleaning products to replace your conventional ones
  • How to recover up to $1,500 from your trash can each month

Recycling is not everything it is cracked up to be. By removing this one ingredient from your life, you’ll take a huge step towards reducing your waste!


Many conventional cleaning products contain harmful, irritating substances. Find affordable eco-friendly alternatives that work!


Learn about the most sustainable products out there (and no, I won’t have you running to the store!). You can’t buy your way into a green lifestyle.

This course is for you if:

  • You’ve been trying to make shifts to live more sustainably, but just aren’t sure what’s right anymore.
  • You’re feeling confused and overwhelmed by zero waste, low waste, green, clean, eco-friendly, and the alphabet soup of the sustainable marketplace.
  • You’re afraid of getting greenwashed and buying overpriced conventional products just pretending to be good for the planet.
  • Your budget does not allow for you to throw away every single you own and replace them with brand new “green” ones!

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You’re not willing to do some digging in yourself (and your recycling bin) to find places to make subtle changes.
  • You’re swamped and stressed out in life or at work. Take care of yourself first! You need some mental energy and about 5-10 minutes per day to read my emails and implement my homework assignments.
  • You’re grossed out by using recycled products, shopping secondhand, or cooking with veggies past their prime.
  • You’re hooked on those “Buy Now” buttons and are hoping this challenge will give you permission to drop $$ on those trendy zero waste products.

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Meet your guide

Hey, there! I’m Rachael, the blogger behind Milk Glass Home. Over the past ten years, I’ve made small shifts to live more sustainably, like cooking from scratch, growing my own food, preserving the harvest, and sourcing safe & sustainable skincare and cleaning products.

My passion is helping beginners jumpstart their sustainable lives. It’s so much easier than you think…

It is a powerful, positive thing to see how your small steps build up over time. The next 5 days will pass anyway. Use that time to do something that supports your values!

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Once you sign up for the free email challenge, I’ll send you a welcome email to help you know what to expect over the next 5 days.

Then, once per day for 5 days, I’ll send you 1 email targeted to a specific mindset or practice. There’s a brief homework activity for each lesson that should take about 5 minutes at most. You should budget about 10 minutes of your day to participate in this email challenge.

5 days to green email challenge

If you think about it…that’s less than one hour! Yes, you can absolutely make lasting change in less than an hour per week!

On the day after your challenge, I don’t want to leave you hanging to dry. I’ll share some next steps you can take to keep your sustainable lifestyle moving forward!

Yes! By signing up for the 5 Days to Green email challenge, you’re securing your place on my email mailing list. This means you’ll get my weekly newsletter to see my latest posts, projects, suggestions, and more.

We know that it takes about 21 days to build a habit. But that’s the thing…sustainable living is more about shifting your mindset than anything else. Once your mindset changes, your actions start to follow.

Of course, you’re in charge of your own actions.

The strategies & perspectives I share are seeds for you to water and nourish.

Plus, a love of sustainable living requires us to deprogram this constant desire we have to buy the newest, shiniest things. After receiving a lifetime of marketing messages, it will take time for you to work through some of this training.

The perspectives and mindsets I share in the email challenge will give you a very strong starting place. You’re probably doing more sustainable things than you think, anyway! I’ll help you see which of those practices are working well and which ones could be tweaked.

Nope. This is a free email challenge. You might find some affiliate links to products I use personally in my own sustainable lifestyle, but I actually recommend that you don’t buy anything during the challenge. That’s kinda the point of this whole thing.

I will offer you a discount on my Zero Waste Whole Home Guide at the end of the challenge to help you keep the ball rolling, but that’s it. I only share it once, too.

The email challenge is super simple. You’ll just open the email each day, read it, and apply your new understanding in a brief homework activity. The entire process should take 5-10 minutes per day for just 5 days.

However, if you have any questions or get stuck anywhere along the way, simply email me! You can reply directly to any of the emails and your message will hit my inbox. It’s just me over here, so you’ll reach Rachael directly!

Start living according to your values.

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