Boost Your Eco Lifestyle with a Free 30 Day Sustainability Challenge

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It’s time for all of us to take action to live more sustainably!

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There are simple actions you can take every day that will make a difference. In just 30 days, I’ll help you shrink your carbon footprint with this sustainable lifestyle challenge.

Sustainable living is more than just reusable water bottles and produce bags, but those small actions are a great start!

For 30 days, you can take action to reduce your environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions by using what you have, swapping out conventional products for eco-friendly ones, and making small shifts in your cooking and shopping.

This is a great Earth Day challenge!

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What if you could…

Build the essential habits of a sustainable lifestyle in just minutes per day…

Push yourself out of your comfort zone & jump-start real change…

Learn 30 simple, effective strategies to shrink your carbon footprint…

Do more than just carry a reusable water bottle to fight climate change!


30 Day Sustainability Challenge

Over 30 days, you’ll develop the daily habits needed to live a sustainable lifestyle! It’s easier than it seems. Start with one new habit one day and then try another one!

30 day sustainability challenge

You’ll learn 30 strategies to:

  • Do your part to reduce food waste & support local farms
  • Switch to reusable products you can use over and over again
  • Break the plastic habit & avoid pollution
  • Save some money using what you already have
  • Find affordable cleaning alternatives that work

Start your sustainable lifestyle today

Simply add your email in the box below and you’ll have the free PDF in just minutes!

This challenge is for you if:

  • You’ve already started making some sustainable lifestyle changes and are ready for more!
  • You read the back of your shampoo and conditioner bottles and aren’t sure if you like what you’re seeing.
  • You get that chest-tightening feeling when you think about the environment and feel compelled to take action!
  • You know there has to be an easy way to live more sustainably without spending $$$ on fancy products.

This challenge is NOT for you if:

  • You’re not ready to try something new. You like doing things the way you’ve always done them and don’t like change.
  • You’re totally swamped right now and have no time to even think about revamping a routine.
  • You’re just looking for something to put on your refrigerator that makes you feel like you’re making a change.
  • You’re hoping I’m going to justify spending lots of money on fancy eco-friendly products!

Hi, it’s nice to meet you!

Hey, there! I’m Rachael, the blogger behind Milk Glass Home. Over the past ten years, I’ve made small shifts to live more sustainably, like cooking from scratch, growing my own food, preserving the harvest, and sourcing safe & sustainable skincare and cleaning products.

My passion is helping beginners jumpstart their sustainable lives. It’s so much easier than you think…

It is a powerful, positive thing to see how your small steps build up over time. The next 30 days will pass anyway. Use that time to do something that supports your values!

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Make the most of this sustainability challenge

You don’t need to do this on your own! There are other people on the same journey as you. Connect and share with us on social media!

Meet like-minded folks in our private Facebook group.

Share your progress on Instagram

Get your free challenge today!

Imagine how much further you’ll be on your sustainable journey 30 days from now!

Sustainable living

Ready for more? See one of our many sustainable living posts to help you implement even more changes into your lifestyle!

When to start a 30 day sustainability challenge

The best time to start is now! If you want to time this challenge with a holiday or event, here are some green holidays.

  • March 18 – Global Recycling Day
  • April 22 – Earth Day
  • June 5 – World Environment Day
  • July – Plastic Free July
  • September 21 – Zero Emissions Day
  • October 24 – International Day of Climate Action
  • November 15 – America Recycles Day

Take the challenge to the next level

The free challenge calendar is about habits, but sustainable living is really about a mindset shift.

In my 5 Days to Green Email Challenge, I’ll send you each day to help teach you the core values of a zero waste, sustainable lifestyle.

The 30 Day Challenge is a do-it-yourself program. This 5 days course puts me directly in your inbox. Send me questions, ask for help, or send pictures of your favorite secondhand finds!

I am 100% in it with you and here for you. Sign up today!

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