Is Biossance Worth the Hype? See My Thoughts from a Long-Time User

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Looking for clean, non-toxic skincare that actually works? Biossance offers EWG verified skincare products free of harmful carcinogens and toxins. It’s also incredibly effective and moisturizing! In this Biossance review, you’ll learn why Biossance is special and about the best Biossance products you must try.

Biossance is safe for my super sensitive skin

Several years ago, I received a tiny sample-size jar of the Biossance gel moisturizer. I immediately loved how light and hydrating it was on my super sensitive skin and promised myself that when I had a decent income, I would explore Biossance. After grad school and getting my first salaried job, I decided to dive in.

I’ve been using Biossance daily since November 2020 and this is a complete and honest Biossance review based on my personal experience.

biossance review

This Biossance review is my own, personal 100% honest take on their products. There is not a referral program at this time, so I am not earning anything for sharing this review unless you sign up for Rakuten or order any of the non-Biossance products on this page!

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What is Biossance Skincare?

Biossance is a clean skincare company that sells EWG (Environmental Working Group) verified skincare products* that are free of toxins, endocrine disruptors, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, and more. They strive to produce high-quality skincare that meets the best standards for our bodies and the environment.

*Some products are still being verified. You can check each product’s status here or here.

They work to source products sustainably and ethically, eliminating 2,000 harmful ingredients from production.

They operate with sustainability at the forefront. They changed their product packaging to make it more environmentally friendly and lighter to ship. Biossance also offers carbon-neutral shipping. Learn more about Biossance’s sustainability efforts.

Although they do use plastic, they explain exactly which elements of the packaging are recyclable. Biossance also actively shares ways its users can upcycle their empty containers, like this!

What’s so special about Biossance squalane?

Biossance is known for its squalane and it’s the hydrating oil at the heart of every product they sell!

Historically, shark livers were harvested to use their squalene, which is a highly moisturizing oil. The human body also produces its own moisturizing oil called squalene, but our production of squalene reduces as we age.

Biossane squalane is a close form of the squalene we form in our bodies and that is found in shark liver. Biossance is able to produce squalane naturally using sugar cane, which makes it shark-safe while still offering us the uniquely moisturizing properties of squalane.

Biossance review – What attracted me to Biossance

I really appreciated that Biossance offered a high-quality skincare line without the toxins, endocrine disruptors, and preservatives of traditional skincare. My skin is very sensitive and reacts to a lot of products. I cannot tolerate any fragrance at all usually and have had red, itchy, and bumpy reactions to other skincare products, especially serums and sunscreen.

After turning 30, I wanted to start being more intentional with my skincare and decided to explore Biossance despite what felt to me to be a high cost. (If you’re worried about cost, keep scrolling! I explain how to spot the best Biossance deals.)

I started using Biossance regularly in November 2020 and am a daily user. Below, I’ll break down how I use it, my favorite products, how to find the best Biossance sales, and more!

Is Biossance cruelty free?

Yes! Biossance is cruelty-free.

According to Biossance:

“Biossance products contain no animal ingredients or by-products in the manufacturing process or final product and no animal testing is involved in any part of the process.”

They are also certified by PETA and Leaping Bunny. (source)

Biossance Skincare Routine

As you read this review, I want to help focus your attention to the products I use the most often! These routines are pretty close to the skincare routines recommended by Biossance. I typically follow this routine every single day.

These products are sensitive skin-friendly and fragrance-free!

Morning Biossance Routine

  • Wash with either the amino aloe gentle cleanser or the elderberry jelly (typically the aloe).
  • Spray with rose water (I do use the hyaluoronic toner occasionally), but usually use rosewater for the expense and soothing ingredients.
  • Phyto-retinol serum (two pumps) across the face
  • Top with probiotic gel moisturizer
  • Top with 2-3 drops of the rose oil

Evening Biossance Routine

  • Wash with the amino aloe gentle cleanser to remove makeup and any residue
  • Splash BHA toner across face
  • Apply marine algae eye cream on eyelids and under eyes
  • Two pumps of lactic acid serum
  • Top with omega repair cream
  • Top with 2-3 drops of either squalane or rose oil

I do this daily unless I’m extra tired one night. At the very least, I’ll wash my face morning and night and either apply a little rose oil or just a moisturizer (probiotic gel or omega repair).

Biossance Review: Complete Guide to Skincare Products

At this time, I’ve tried most of the Biossance product line and can provide feedback on each product! I will start with my basic routine.

eco friendly sensitive skincare

Biossance Cleanser Review

Squalane + Amino Aloe Gentle Cleanser – 5 Stars

This is a newer product, and I love it! It does suds up but is still very gentle. A tiny dab lasts forever so I’m still finishing the trial-sized bottle in my shower and I have a full-size by my sink. This feels like a better cleanser for me than the elderberry jelly cleanser and I use it usually twice daily. Must have product!

Squalane + Elderberry Jelly Cleanser – 4.5 stars

This cleanser is not drying at all and is very hydrating. I liked it a lot and then the amino aloe cleanser came out and it immediately went to second place. I typically only use this in the shower and would be on the fence about ordering again in the future simply because the amino aloe cleanser works so well for me.

Squalane + Antioxidant Cleansing Oil – 3.5 Stars

This was the first full-sized Biossance cleanser I ordered and I’ve used other oil-based cleansers in the past. It has a slight fragrance that somehow does not irritate my fragrance sensitivity. I don’t really use this product at all compared to the other two. It’s not a bad product at all and does a good job cleaning, but it doesn’t feel as cleansing as the other two. Again, I’m a little in love with the amino aloe cleanser. I will keep trying this one again in the future, but I often forget I have it.

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biossance omega repair cream review

Biossance Moisturizer Options

Biossance Gel Moisturizer – 5 Stars

The probiotic gel moisturizer is how I learned about Biossance in the first place! I had one of those tiny little samples I got for $5 like two years ago and I used soooo little at a time to make it last. The Biossance gel moisturizer is very, very light, so if you have dry skin, you might feel like it’s not enough for you.

My skin really likes it as part of the morning routine, especially in the summer! Sometimes in the winter I switch out the omega repair in the morning just for extra moisture. I always have this product on hand.

Omega Repair Cream – 5 Stars

I don’t know which moisturizer I would say is my favorite, but I definitely would not want to go without this one. It is thick, rich, and really hydrating. I love to mix it with a little rose oil for extra plumping and nourishment. I have a full size of this one AND the brand new jumbo size of this one waiting in my backup drawer because I will not be going without it, especially in the winter!

biossance squalane oil

Biossance Oils

Squalane & Vitamin C Rose Oil – 5 Stars

This product makes me GLOW! I have never paid for it at all since even a tiny sample bottle lasts forever. After I first started using Biossance, I didn’t understand what was making my face look so nourished and healthy and I realized it’s this oil. You could use it on a bare, clean face as the only moisturizer because it is that good! I love it and like to use it all the time.

Squalane Oil – 4 Stars

This is the secret to all of Biossance’s excellent products, which is why it’s surprising that I don’t love it on its own. I have a full-size bottle and even received a second full-size bottle for free for attending an informational session on how plant-based squalane protects sharks. I like it in products or as a topper over a moisturizer, but I don’t go through it very quickly. It can be really nice to apply over dry skin, so I do use it for hands and arms. Where the rose oil is great on its own, this one I usually only use in combination with something else.

biossance review sensitive skin

Biossance Eye Creams

Peptide Eye Gel – 3 Stars

I’m sorry to say it, but after using this product almost daily for a year…I didn’t see any change. Since I don’t have a lot of undereye inflammation, that’s not really an area I’m concerned about. I just never felt like it did anything beyond basic moisturizing. I ran out and don’t plan to replace it. Other people absolutely swear by it!

Squalane + Marine Algae Eye Cream – 4 Stars

This one is a little pricey, but it’s so rich and nourishing! I did notice some milia after I first started using it so I think I was applying it too heavily. I try to apply it sparingly only at night.

Some other Biossance users have used it in other areas like forehead wrinkles or “11s” and found it helped with those. I’ve only used it on my eyes and like it enough that I keep it in stock. Sometimes I consider doing without or trying a different product, but I do like the richness of this one.

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sensitive skin serums biossance review

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Lactic Acid Resurfacing Night Serum – 5 Stars

I never ever run out of this serum and use it nightly. It subtly resurfaces my skin without causing any irritation at all! I use two pumps per night and have 2 on backup just in case!

Phyto-Retinol Serum – 4.5 Stars

I nearly quit this product and tried a couple of other bakuchiol (plant-based retinol) products instead. I’m reluctant to try full power retinol with my sensitive skin, so I decided to try this again. I started using two pumps per day instead of one and felt like my skin started showing more smoothness and clarity than before! Now, I like this product although I do skip it at times if I’m running late. I use it almost every day though!

Squalane + Vitamin C Dark Spot Corrector – No score

I can’t really give this a full review because I tried it once and didn’t like the texture. Since I don’t have dark spots I’m trying to correct, I don’t use it. I may try it again to see how it does with some redness, but it doesn’t really target the things I am looking for (wrinkles, pores, redness, etc).

Squalane + Copper Peptide Rapid Plumping Serum – No Score

It is SO frustrating that Biossance just came out with this when I finally gave in and ordered products from a different company to try hyaluronic acid! I didn’t understand why they didn’t use it more and like the week after I ordered from Beauty Pie, this came out. I’ve read in my Biossance Facebook group that some people did not like it/see a difference, but I have not tried it myself.

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Biossance Toners

Squalane + Hyaluronic Acid Toning Mist – No Score

I honestly don’t use this product enough to really even rate it. Back in my first order, I received a tiny sample I use sometimes, but I don’t use it often and haven’t observed any noticeable changes when I do. I don’t deny that it tones anything, but for the price, I prefer to use just straight rosewater. It’s cheaper and very gentle for my sensitive skin. Since the other customers love it (275 5-star reviews), I might want to play with this one a little bit more!

Squalane + BHA Pore Minimizing Toner – 4 Stars

I ordered this earlier this year and wasn’t sure if I’d even use it because of my preference for rosewater. It doesn’t spray so you have to dab it onto your hands and apply it. However, it is one of the few BHA products I’m even willing to test on my skin since it can be so drying! I am experimenting with it on my forehead in particular to address some texture and enlarged pores. I feel like I’m noticing positive improvements and I will adjust the rating after I use it more!

Other Biossance Products

I like Biossance enough that I’ve tried almost everything…

Squalane + Zinc Sheer Mineral Sunscreen – 4.5 Stars

The first time I realized how sensitive my skin is was with sunscreen. I remember being at DisneyWorld, crying from the sunscreen burning my eyes and face! Since childhood, I’ve had to use sunscreen made for babies. I’ve found several brands as an adult that are safe for me, but this is the lightest, sheerest I’ve found. Because it is so light, it is easy to apply as a final layer in your skincare routine. If only I was better about remembering to wear it! I wish this product had an easier top to open.

Glycolic Renewal Mask – 2 Stars

This is the ONE Biossance product I cannot use. It is too strong for my sensitive skin and left my face tingling and stinging. That is not normal for most people and most people find it to be a really gentle exfoliant. Biossance refunded me the money for this so there was no lost expense. I really hoped to love it, but I just can’t use it.

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biossance sensitive skin biossance review

Squalane + Rose Vegan Lip Balm – 5 Stars

This is an EASY 5 stars. I love this product even when I got it in the little glass jar that was inconvenient to apply. The tube is so much better now! It is incredibly, incredibly hydrating. Even if my lips are cracking or peeling, they feel brand new after a little of this. I will not go without this product.

Biossance Hand Cream – 4.5 Stars

This Biossance hand cream is good, but I’m not sure if it’s so much better than some conventional drug store nourishing hand creams. I’d say it works about as well as the Eucerin lotion I had to go to during the height of hand sanitizing, but with much better product quality. The packaging has improved (squit top versus the twist top it had before) and I certainly have no complaints about product quality. This is a great one for winter!

Squalane Hand Sanitizer – 4.5 Stars

I have to say…after teaching during a pandemic and washing/sanitizing forever, this was the only sanitizer that didn’t dry my hands out! It is pricey so I didn’t reorder, but I loved keeping a little bottle on my desk and in my car.

Squalane + Magnesium Deodorant – 3 Stars

I didn’t have any irritation, thankfully, but I didn’t like the scent and felt like this product was just okay for the price. I’m using Schmidt’s sensitive skin lavender formula right now that costs about $5 at Grocery Outlet and feels just as effective.

Squalane + Caffeine Toning Body Cream – No Score

I have not yet tried this new product and would not have for the $28 price point, but I was able to order a full size of this, the omega hand cream, AND the amino aloe gentle cleanser for just over $20 during the holidays! I can’t wait to try it out and update my review.

best biossance products

Biossance Review: Getting the Best Deal on Products

First of all…Biossance is PRICEY so I watch the prices like a hawk. Be sure to subscribe to their mailing list to get all of Biossance coupons. These tips will help you know when it’s the right time to buy!

Step 1: Sign up for Clean Crew

Absolutely start by signing up for Clean Crew. You earn points when you shop for free samples or discount codes. Honestly, don’t bother with the free samples. Save up your points for the $10 or $25 discount codes. You will get enough free samples when you order.

One of the best perks about being a Clean Crew VIP (spend more than $299 per year) is that you get fast shipping, early release for new products, and 10% off all orders. My birthday is in December so I was able to stack a 25% discount for that and a 10% Clean Crew discount (on top of 15% Rakuten cashback, sale prices, etc). Normally, it’s not a great time to buy. When it is is a great time to buy, I stock up!

There’s also a rumor about a free full-size product when you are on the VIP tier of Clean Crew, but I’ve yet to see that…

Step 2: Sign up for Rakuten

Don’t even bother shopping without Rakuten! They often offer up to 15% cashback on Biossance, which is ridiculous! You have to wait to get the cashback until your big fat check delivery date, but I don’t mind. Honestly, I use Rakuten almost exclusively for Biossance because it’s just such a good deal!

If you are a new Rakuten customer and spend $30, you’ll get an EXTRA $30 back and I will too!

Simply install the Rakuten browser tool and click it the next time you visit Biossance (or many other websites). It will track your order and credit you with cashback.

biossance review sensitive skin

Step 3: Watch for mystery bags and mega bags

Biossance, like every company, has sales all year long. However, some sales are better than others. Every couple of months they will offer a “mystery bag.” They typically cost around $70 and will have 1-2 full-size products and a bunch of minis.

These were my favorite thing at first, but now I think they’re only okay. You are still paying close to retail for the full-size product, but you do get some larger sample products and often new releases. I don’t really bother when mystery bags unless I can figure out what is in them. The actual bags are okay, but I don’t ever want or need them.

Now, MEGA bags on the other hand are pretty good. I think they do them maybe 2-3 times per year. They’ll have about 10-11 sample products they send you for FREE if you purchase over a certain amount (around $75). These often happen around holiday sales like Black Friday/Cyber Monday and Christmas and they offer them when they have 25-30% off promo codes, too.

These sales PLUS the mega bag and Rakuten cashback are my favorite way to shop. I spent quite a bit at Biossance at the end of November stocking up on full-size products! They offered it again the week before Christmas, too.

Step 4: Watch for Biossance sale prices

I do not mean promo codes or kits; I mean red-labeled sales. The only time I have seen these was over the holidays in 2021 (time of publication).

At first, I thought these were trial kits which I don’t tend to bother with. Then, I looked closer and realized they contained a FULL-SIZE product plus two trial-size products for about half of the full-size product’s normal cost. I got a lactic acid serum for about $30! That’s way, way cheaper than I paid even stacking other promotions earlier in the year.

They even offered a Daily Decadence box set with a full-sized omega repair hand cream, caffeine toning body cream, and my beloved amino aloe gentle cleanser for the price of just one cleanser. If these sales are still going when you see this…I highly recommend ordering. I bought some for gifts (for others and myself) this year!

Optional: Watch Sephora

I have never purchased Biossance at Sephora, but a lot of daily users do. They sometimes sell kits that they do not have on the regular Biossance website and will have different coupons and discounts.

Is Biossance worth the price?

Ab-so-lute-ly. I tried several different “all-natural” skincare brands and either found them to be ineffective or they irritated my sensitive skin.

Biossance is clean skincare.

I love that Biossance is EWG verified, meaning they aren’t just saying their products are safe. The ingredients are being evaluated by a third-party agency to ensure they are non-toxic and safe.

Biossance is priced competitively.

I recently tried out another skincare line with even fewer ingredients than Biossance to see how it worked. The price was significantly higher (close to $100 per product) and I did not observe any noticeable effects.

Biossance has been around long enough now that they have their basic product line down. The Biossance rose oil, moisturizers, and lactic acid serum are SOLID.

So many brands are priced the same as Biossance or higher, yet they include harmful ingredients and irritants.

If you’re concerned about affording Biossance on a budget, please read my tips above about finding Biossance deals and watch for mega bag sales especially! Don’t forget to use Rakuten for extra cashback.

What are the 5 Best Biossance products?

I prefer to get to select from the full range of Biossance products every day, but if you FORCED me to pick just a few, these are the best Biossance products in my opinion.

  1. Probiotic gel moisturizer
  2. Omega repair cream
  3. Rose oil
  4. Rose lip balm
  5. Lactic acid serum

There are so many others I’d like to add to that list, but even on days when I can’t stand to think about washing my face, I will gladly use any of these products.

Are there any non-Biossance products you do use?

ecofriendly skincare biossance review

Because I cannot use the Glycolic Renewal Mask, I do have a pink clay mask I use every month or so from Avalea. It works well and does not irritate my skin. This mask does stain everything, so be cautious! It will look like you aren’t applying anything at all, but then it will dry in a light layer. Feel free to ask about it in the comments if you have a question!

Beauty Pie

From Beauty Pie, I ordered a few products to try out their hyaluronic acid and ceramides and was a little disappointed.

Their prices are extremely competitive, but they sell more traditional skincare that includes that full gamut of fragrances, silicones, and irritants. They are definitely not EWG verified.

Two months after ordering, the only Beauty Pie item I sometimes use is the ceramide roller. Otherwise, it’s Biossance full-time!

biossance skincare reviews

Is Biossance cruelty-free?

This is one of Biossance’s main selling points! They advertise that because they use plant-derived squalane, they save the lives of over 2 million sharks per year.

Beyond that, Biossance is certified by PETA and Leaping Bunny to be vegan and cruelty-free.

Is Biossance zero waste?

Unfortunately, Biossance is not zero waste. They do advertise that they repurpose the leftover sugar cane from processing sugar cane to make their paper packaging.

I don’t have a problem with the paper packaging, but I do have concerns over the amount of plastic they use.

Biossance does sell some products in glass, like their BHA toner and rose oil. They’ve also shared that they switched to some plastics to reduce shipping weight.

This makes sense, but they don’t have a recycling program for their empty containers. I’m at the point where I specifically do not get the bonus sample packs they often sell simply to avoid bringing more plastic into my house.

I would love it if Biossance took back their empty containers to take full responsibility for the plastics they produce!

More and more companies offer plastic-free or refillable skincare containers, so I may need to find more sustainable alternatives to Biossance unless they can set up a program to collect old containers.

We’ll share more about sustainable skincare brands in the future!

biossance review sensitive skin ewg verified

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Is this Biossance review helpful?

What do you think? Is Biossance any good? Do you have an opinion about the best Biossance products? Do you hunt for sensitive skin-friendly skincare, too? Tell me below!

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  2. A really great review of the brand. I must admit that I did not consider buying anything from them before, but now I’m kind of having second thoughts. I want to, at least, try a few things. Great post!

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